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- they got up for their sunrise at 5:30 am and after looking at the pictures later on it was nothing special, it looked like a sunset. i love them! i was up at 6:30 am because sleeping on sand is not as comfortable as it sounds and also not too good if you have a cramping stomach.

- we finally left the huts / tents at 10:30am so i had already been up for 4 hrs while the others were sleeping. we got back to our nice / luxurious hostel at 11:15am and then me and louis watched 2 games of SA (South Africa) rugby on the tv until 1:30pm until i got my laundry and could have a HOT shower and then put on some clean clothes! i went to the beach with louis and read a book and it has to be said when walking across the shiny golden sand there were some lovely looking ladies laying down with small (if any) clothes on. such lads! WHEY!

- we all met back at the hostel at 7:00m to go to this black moon party where there was a free buffet. louis wanted to save money so we went to eat there. when we got there (it took 20 minutes to walk there) they had 4 dishes - cold chips - cold small veg burgers (no buns) - cold weird looking prawn crackers and cold pad thai - yummy.

- louis ate loads and basically he will eat anything to save money - seriously! we then went to a proper restaurant called Cosmic and i had a hawai pizza which was brilliant. we went to find a bar called the sunflower bar and we eventually found it after 15 minutes of looking - it was a very quiet bar with few people but the setting was nice and i had a bottle of water as my stomach was still not good. i then went back early as i had been up for 4 hours longer than all the other guys and then went back watched some sky news and went to sleep.
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