24th day

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- i woke up adn waited for louis to wake. i then had it out with him. he had even taken photo's of me when i was sleeping outside the room but he didnt even wake me up! he didnt even say sorry which was the thing which pissed me off the most, he seemed to think he hadnt done anything wrong.

- after the rant, i went and lyed on my bed. i didnt feel to good. i began to start feeling really bad, then felt the worst that i had ever felt for my life. i was dehydrated, had a hangover, was serveraly dizzy, had stomach cramps and felt like i was going to be sick from both ends of the body. only one end actually threw up and its not the end that you eat with so unless you eat with your bum then obivously i had diahrrea. i thought i was going to faint.

- stewart was being sick in the next room adn he thinks we got food poisoning but i though it was the drink, but we wernt entierly sure.

- while me and stewart were trying to get our heads and bodies correct the guys had found this other hostel called Long's guesthouse. this place was luxurious. it had A/C, comfy matresses, bed sheets, a nice bathroom with a hot shower and a TV which had sky news and bbc world news!!!!

- me and louis slept until 2:00pm which was when max and kim were leaving us. this was also a very sad goodbye as me and max especially ahd bonded rather well in an immature way! sea cucumbers! it wasnt too bad though as i knew i was going to see them in singapore about 5 days from now.

- the 4 of us (me, louis, stewart and lara) then went down to say goodbye and then stewart and i went up to the room as we were still feeling bad. louis and lara wandered off. when they came back at 7:45pm they got changed and we all went to dinner at GB-PP (a british style resturant in Phi Phi (PP). they 3 guys had burgers (we were felling better by now but not 100%) and lara had pasta.

- stewart and i then went back for an early night and then i fell asleep.

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