23rd day

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- got up early (again), 8.30am, started writing my diary while everyone else was asleep. i then went downstairs and started typing it up as people were still not awake.

- when i was switching pages between travbuddy and facebook i got a message from dad on facebook. it was very nice to hear from him but i did get quite sad as he wasnt really here. however, we had a quick conversation and one of my friends who had appeared said is that your dad??? i replied yes, he is a nice fellow - then they said one of the funniest things that day "has he been in prison because that photo looks like a mug shot!" - sorry dad but looking at it now you should really change it!!! 

- then i had to go as all my friends had come down and we were catching a longtail boat at 11:00am. there were 15 people on the boat including us and when i got on i wasnt happy due to the confined space and that we were on this boat for roughly 7 hours - 11:00am - 6.30pm. it did only cost 500 baht however (10 quid) which included fried rice and fruit for lunch so the price was fairly good.

- the guy drove to the first stop called monkey island which is basically a small beach with rocks behind it with a lot of tame monkeys that will eat banana's until the cows come home. people would give them pepsi bottles without the lids and they would hold it like a human and down it - quite amusing but not too nice. the beach with the monkeys must have been some sort of record for the amoutn of people per sqaure meter on a beach ever!

- the driver took us to the second stop where we could snorkel and swim - it was called shark point, but we were dissapointed. you would think with a name like that you would see baby reef sharks like the previous snorkel trip.

- the 3rd stop was a beautiful place called bamboo island and this is where i laughed the most travelling so far. firstly, i took a photo of stewart, he had told me to get a bit of tree branch in it to make it look a bit arty - i ended up as a joke as he was so adament he wanted some in covering his who9le upper body and face with a branch so that you could only see his legs - i think he will be putting it on facebook soon. seconsly, we were in the see and i told max about sea cucumbers - if you guys dont know what they are then you should look them up then you would know why i find them funny. we both picked one up and started squirting water at each other from an oriphis of the cucumber, i then turned round to find a bigger one as mine had run out of water and he slipped his one down the back of my shorts - it genuinly felt like i had shat myself - i was laughing so hard!

- now for the funniest part of the trip to this day. max said he had found the daddy of all sea cucumbers known to man and it was bloody massive. he then started to squeeze it (this is how you get it to shoot water) but this time the sea cucumber used its defensive mechanism which basically is their form of sperm (i think), well it definately looked like it. so if you can imagine my mate holding this black sausage like sea cucumber and squeezing it and then for it to shoot out something that looked like sperm all over the sea was a very very very incredible, funny and unique experience - i would have loved to have got a photo but there aere vidoes on youtube if you guys want to see how funny this really was!

- we then walked out and we both picked up 2 more cucumbers and held them down near our genital region for a photo! nice one - such lads.

- the 4th stop was just another bit of snorkling area we did see a purple startfish and a white and black sea snake which looked rather angry.

- the 5th and final stop was maya bay which is the main setting for "the beach". it was very nice and louis took loads of photos - i had forgotten the camera. we then headed back via a sunset which most people thought was amazing apart from me and another guy who was in his lat 30's so i didnt feel that immature and ungrateful for a "stunning" sunset miss. we had a conversation and basically the end was "it's just a sunset" - "yeh, just a sunset - it does it every bloody day of every year - why is it so special now - have you never see the sunet before or something" - "have you guys lived in a cave your whole life" - etc etc etc.

- we got back - showered - washed mt hair with shampoo for the first time in 3 weeks and 2 days - it felt sooo soft! we then had dinner - meaty pizza and then went to a beach party - i had 5 large bottles of beer (700mls) and was dancing like a freak.

- we got to the party and they were doing fire limbo - fire skipping and jumping through a fire circle - i gave everyone a go - it was fun. amx and kim and lara then went back early leaving me stewart and louis. the stewrta went back and then 5 songs later it had finished. i said to louis lets go back and we started walking back to the hostel. 100 meters from the party i looked around and he had gone, i wasnt worried as he had done this for the lat 2 weeks, just wakled off and did what he wanted to. so i just went back and though he would be back in the next 5-10 minutes. this was bloody annoying - i was pissed and didnt have the key for the room!!! louis had it. i decided to kip on the floor until the fool and come back. i was sleeping and the some time later about 5.30am i awoke and the door was open. louis had returned but didnt even bother to wake me up and left me outside. i was f***ing annoyed!


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