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- keep thinking about family and what they are doing at home and keep getting excited about Oz and seeing Tim!!!!

- went downstairs with stewart to book my flight from Phuket to Singapore which is on the 21st at 9.55am. then we waited for the others to come down. people are really quite lazy - they miss the best part of the day - the morning, you know, the early bird catches the worm and all that shit - thats what i am - the early bird.

- we had no breakfast so we had lunch at 12.30pm , i had another tuna sandwich and then we waited for the bill to come (10mins later). a lady came over and in her weird Thai accent said (are rrooo finished?) and i replied in a rather cockney accent - yeer - nice one luv. we all burst into laughter and i relised what i sounded like - funny times.

- it then started to rain and we were told to go and stand underneath this sort of pavillion / band stand building. it was a massive downpour which lasted about 20-25mins. the locals and tourists (which had been there for a week or more) said it happens every day and no longer than 30mins - strange i thought. everyday there is rain for no longer than 30 mins on a tiny island? - interesting.

- after the rain we went onto the beach and used a thing called a vortex which is an object which you throw and it whistles while its in the air. me, louis and max played with it for about 30mins and then stewart joined. bascially sport is not stewarts best attribute - he got his top grade in his economics year (75% overall) and he was given 5000 pounds which he used to go travelling - but sport he hadn't got a clue! his throws were (trying not to be horrible) but pathetic, but he knew that so we all ended up having a laugh and it was good fun.

- louis went off for a walk and then me and max and stewart went for a swim. the tide was coming in (so it was quite far out) and max set a challenge of finding a spot where all 3 of us couldnt stand on the floor without being submerged in seawater. considering stewart is 6"4 we were going to be going out quite a way.

- no joke, we swam roughly 1/2 kilometer out into the sea into open water and we still couldnt find a spot. so we ended up turning back, however, luckily max spotted a very dark bit of water so we swam over to that and then challenge was completed. we then swam back which took some time and then we went back to the rooms to get changed and shower in piss haha.

- we went to a resturant on the harbour and me and max had a lot to eat for the first time in just over 3 weeks. i had garlic bread (6 slices) adn prawn tempura for starter and a large pizza and 2 cans of sprite - i felt bloated and niether of us finished it. i then went back for an early night due to the party before - i was tired.

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