21st Day (3 weeks)

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- an average night sleep as this boat was rocking about rather a lot. got off the boat and on a minibus and then it took us to a point where a big coach was going to pick us up. got on the coach and then about 30mins from the destination (the pier) it stopped and nobody knew why. we were there for about 25mins so max went downstairs to find out whats going on. he then cam back up with some spectacular news - the coach had run out of petrol! WTF! its not as if the driver should be checking the level of fuel from time to time - twat! so then reason we were waiting was that they had sent a guy on a scooter to go and get some petrol from the nearest station which later on we found out was about 10mins away.

- we were then 5mins away from the pier adn they made us stop again. we all got out near this petrol station and nobody knew what was going on. if you were further back from the situation and looking over it was as if they were lineing us up - 30 people stretched out across the road on the sidepath. they then told one of us that they needed to change coaches - 5 minutes away your not supposed to change coaches! we were right next to a petrol station so i didnt know what the problem was!

- this really wasnt what i wanted after 2 1/2 hours at a scooter rental, a poor hamburger, a rubbish boat journey and night sleep, no breakfast and already having to stop once for a rediculous reason.

- we finally finally finally got to the pier and on the ferry over to kho phi phi. the boat took about 1hr 20mins and then we searched the island (literally) for a hostel. we were so fed up searching for a nice cheap hostel that we ended up staying in a shit one. it was called ban thai. it was very average accomadation, a fan (no air con - that was pretty common now though as most of our hostel had a fan) basically a wooden bed, unclean floors (in the bathroom too) and the water used for showering and cleaning the toilet smelt like piss.

- we then had a well deserved lunch (tuna sandwich) and then me, louis, lara and stewart went and chilled un the beach after everybody finished doing their thing. i had gona and bought a pair of rip-off oakley sunglasses but you cant tell plus i make them look sexy and cool. i make anything look sexy and cool.

- we then came back and got changed and went out to dinner. me and max had steak (very very thin - i was dissapointed) and the other 4 had pizza's which when they came i wish i had.

- stewart went back to the room as he was tired and didnt feel well and the rest of us went to a beach party with banging music and hot girls and some wicked fire dancers (photo's on facebook). we danced most of the night until 1.30am and then went back to the room and slelpt - nice.

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