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- collected my laundry at 8.30 - finally sme clean clothes - nice.

- me and louis took the scooters out for an early morning ride to the south of the island. we stopped off at a resturant at about 9.30am and i had a banana sandwich which cost me 80 baht (1.60 pound). i was thinking like a massive sandwich, maybe 3 bits of bread, buttered, and possibly 2 1/2 banana's for that price. i was wrong. there was one small sub roll with one small banana which had been sliced in half long ways and just layed in the bread, nothing else.

- If i was in Morrisons and bought one roll and one banana it would cost me roughly 25p (slight advertising for you ther Dad!!!). if you can't tell, this really, really, pissed me off big time .... i was very hungry.

- we then went back to the room but on the way we bumped into our friends and then we all decided to have a drink and relax at bass. after  max, louis and i had finished our drinks all 3 of us went out on the scooters. fortunately on the way we met will and he was already out on his, he joined up with us. we decided to go back to the mango bay area but go a different route, the roads were still mud and rocks but worse than the ones yesterday.

- when we were coming back down the hills the 3 other guys wanted to go and look at this view point, i would have but i was running very low on petrol so i went back down to fill up and wait for them there. when i was going down i was hearing a funny noise from the back of the scooter - ended up being a bloody flat tire. on the sheet that we signed to say "everything is okay and that if we damaged anything this is what we had to pay" a tire was 5000 baht which is 100 pounds ... bollocks. i sat in a restaruant with a sprite trying to work out a way of fixing it. maybe get someone to fill it up with air and hope it doesnt go down until they have inspected it, no, too much of a risk. i asked the lady wh served me if there was somewhere to fix my tire, she didnt understand me. after 10 minutes i was going to give up trying to explain to her but then i made a pppssshhh sound while signaling with ym hands something getting smaller and then she drew me a map of where the nearest garage was, 1 minutes drive away.

- i went there and said can you pump this tire up (knowing full well that it was a puncture, but he knew it was a rental bike and someone had told me that they dont fix rental bikes). he then obviously found out that it was a puncture and pointed to a new inner tube, i was getting set for the wrose price of an inner tube in the world but he said it would only take 10 minutes and it was 200 baht which is like 4 quid ... result!!!! it was 96 pound difference ... con artist.

- i took my bike back and everything was okay. i met the guys at the bass and they said max was worried as he had a massive scratch on the engine., but louis was fine. will had already taken his back. they took them back and the women said that max's suprisngly was fine but louis's wasn't!!!

- basically we waited 2 1/2 hours for this guy to come even though the women said he would be 5 minutes everytime we asked where he was. she found this funny and was smiling and laughing with her neighbour saying something in thai then adding 5 minutes, 5 minutes at the end and laughing. she was maybe the first women ever in my life that i really could have laid out. on louis's bike there was a small scratch on the underside of the bike that was about 3cm long and they wanted him to 2000 baht which is 40 pounds.

- long story short this arrogant, disrespectful twat ended turning up and louis paid him 1000 baht (20 pounds) and getting our passports back. everyone was fecked off.

- i then had a swim and then had dinner - hamburger and chips and then went to the overnght boat to surat thani as we were heading off to Phi Phi. 

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