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- got up and me and louis, max and stewart had an early morning swim and also found out that there were plenty of jellyfish about, and also found out that they stung!!! we got back and showered then went on a snorkling trip with most of the group. we were told theat we would have our own boat as there were 15 of us. no, clearly we wern't going to have this luxury. they shuved us onto a small boat with possibly 30 more people.

- i wasn't happy as the trip cost 70 baht which is around 15 pounds. its alot of money out here. the man running it was also very rude and all he did was shout and piss people off, wanker. he stopped the boat at 3 diffrerent places around the island so we could get in and swim with the fish. the first stop i saw a small reef shark possibly around 5 foot long. the 2nd stop i saw black crabs climbing on a rock and the 3rd stop was rubbish. we had lunch on there which was boiled rice, fried egg and chicken.

- the last stop, stop number 4 was unreal (i have uploaded the pictures on facebook). it was a tiny island with a tiny strand of beach. i can't describe it to you as my vocabulary is poor and there arent really any words to describe it - have a look at the photo's.

- we then went back and arrangd to meet at 6.00pm for dinner. dinner was great, we sat outside and had another BBQ. this time my skwewers were seafood (which was barracuda and prawns) and beef (which comes from a cow).

- we then went to a pub with everyone and we had buckets. small sandcastle buckets that were filled with alcohol. i had a tutti frutti which consisted of white rum, strawberry liquer and a variety of fruit juices. we then decided to go to a ladyboy cabaret and even though i dont like admitting it the show was funny, good and entertaining. 2 of the guys from the group were made to dress up and do the YMCA with the ladyboys as the last performance. stewart and will looked hilarious!!!

- we then went back to the pub and there was a brilliant acoustic guitar player. he played, people drunk, people sang along and people danced on the tables - it was a brillaint site. we then went to a beach party at 1.00am and had a few more beers and a bucket (which was disgustin) before going back to the room. it was a good night lots of dancing and lots of drunk funny people, everyone is really chilled. 

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