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got up and left with the group at 11.00am to the pier in samui to get a ferry to koh tao, another island but this one was much smaller. there was a girl in our group called evalyn, she was from ireland, and she hadnt come back from last night. we left her a message and went off to the pier, silly slag and gone home with a guy from the beach last night and hadnt told anyone ... she was a techer as well, you would have thouht she would have more sense!!!

- we got on and the ride was okay. the group decided to sit at the front of the boat so we got splashed with the water everytime the boat hit a large wave. we stopped off at koh phang nga (which is an island in between samui and tao) to collect more people. at the stop we saw 2 people from the original tour group and they came and sat with us at the front and we exchanged stories about our last week apart.

- we got to koh tao and got a pick-up to the htoel. me and louis hadn't booked a room obviously as we wernt technically part of the tour. this was the same or max and kim (the 2 people we picked up on the ferry over here).. they showed us an air conditioned room exactly the same as a room the other guys were staying in. it was lovely however it was 1650 baht a night for the room. not a good price. they then showed us their cheapest room and we could see why. it was 2 small single beds and a fan and a toilet for 750 baht a night, this was clearly and over-priced place, so we moved out of the complex where everybody else was staying and moved further down the street.

- we walked down and asked about rooms from alot of people. we got offered a room for 4 people which was 800 baht so 200 baht each which is a very good price. this place was bang on the beach and very nice surroundings, we thought that this was a winner, however when we went inside it smelt like someone had pissed on the beds and all on the floor so no way were we staying here!!! we walked slightly further down and found a room for both couples for 500 baht which is a very good price considering that the room we first looked at in the complex was 250 baht more and less luxourious. so we got these rooms and settled down.

- we then had dinner with the group. most people had the outside BBQ. you could have 2 skewers, corn on the cob, jacket potatoe and salad for 170 baht which was a brilliant price. i had pork and prawn on my skewers, they were very nice.

- i then went back and had an early night as i was soooo tired. 

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