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got up and me and louis got a minibus to surat thani at 9.00am. we then got another one which we had to pay 150 baht each extra to donsak which is the pier. we then got a ferry to an island called koh samui and then got another taxi to the hotel where the group were as they had left earlier than us because they had already paid for the travel there.

- we went onto a secluded beach just off from our room in the hotel place and the water was very warm for 5.00pm in the afternoon.  we then had dinner with the group and i had a bbq plate which included a small steak which was very chewy, but then also a pork chop and chicken breast with chips and salad for 220 baht.

- then we got a pick-up with the group to a beach that was rated in the top 10 of the world, however this was about 8.30pm so we couldnt see it in the light.

- we got there and the beach was basically a party beach at night. you could lay down on the beach on a mat thing with a triangle at the end to rest your head and have a table to but your beer. there was loud music and lights everywhere and i enjoyed it, but the others said it was too touristy. isn't that what we all are?????

- we then walked outside, back-up to the high-street (which reminded me slightly of bangkok) and there were men with animals trying to take a photo of you with them. the animals included a golden eagle, baby monkey, normal sized monkey, python and a chamilion (probably not sure how you spell it) and this thing was massive.

- we then got a pick-up bac to the hotel and went mid-night swimming which was cool as it was me stewart and alison who could only brave it, it wasn't as cold as i thought it was going to be and soon we were playing battleships lolol. we had beer and went to sleep. 

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