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- we arrived at the train station at 7.10am. the train was supposed to arrive at 5.30 but there was about an hour and a half delay. we were supposed to meet the group at 8.30 but their train was delayed as well so we met them at 9.15am instead. we then all sat down in a cafe and some people had breakfast and then waited until the bus came. this was also late.

- the bus took 2hrs to get to the national park resort, this isnt a closed off national park its like the peak district and its all natural. we arrived and the place was very nice. me and louis had a room which we payed 500 baht for each night (just for the room so 250 baht each) and i had 2 double beds, it was luxury!!!

- Sit came and told us when we were in the room that 2 trains behind the one me and louis got and slid off the track and 7 people had died and 45 people were injured.

- after a small sandwich most of us went tubing, this is when you take a rubber ring down a natural river until the stop-off points. lots of rapids and very nice scenery. after this we were picked up in the pick-up things and then we went to a rubbish waterfall compared to the last one we went to, it wasn't even worth taking a photo of. they then took us to a monky temple where there were natural monky's living freely. the people that tok us gave us hand falls of nuts that the monkeys took straight out of your hand. we then saw something very funny, 2 monkey's going at it, sort of reminded me of hartley.

- we got back and had dininer (a thai-green-curry-pork) which was very spicy and i ad it with rice.  we then wentdown to the local shop with a group of 5 of us and bought a large bottle of 100 spices scottish whisky and 2 1/2 litres of coke. we got back and had 2 chang beers and then the group plus 1 more started on the whiskey. we played some silly games which i will teach you all when i get back. they were called 'i went to the market and bought ....' - this is a tick, this is a tock' - 'i've never ...' - 'the blue ballon' and 'the fuck game'. all very amusing in their own way.

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