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- woke up at 6.00am to get the 6.30 bus from chiang khong, it was only down the road so we had plenty of time.

- the bus to chiang rai airport took 2hr 30mins roughly and then we booked a flight inside the airport for a flight at 1.00pm, this cost 2000 baht - 40 quid each. this flight would only take 1hr 15mins. if we had got the bus all the way to chiang mai and then got the night train to bangkok it would have taken roughly 17hrs. air transport is the nuts.

- we got off the plane and got a taxi for 360 baht which took us straight to the hotel that the group was staying in. it was a great feeling to see them again, plus they had some new arrivals as it was a new group.

- sit was there and then he took us straight to his r\friends room so that we could shower and freshen up before the night train. the guys name was CoCo, a very cheeky guy for his age. he took us t the train station and then showed us where our train was going to be. before our train we had pork and rice and checked my e-mails. this was when i heard the great news that Tim would be joining me in sydney which gave me the biggest boost imaginable.

- we then got on the train and bought a chang beer from a guy outside our window which was funny, said cheer to him while holding aloft my can of alcohol and then the 13hr journey began. i needed the toilet so went and it was yet again a squat toilet. this train was the train that the locals use so it was very basic and therefore rather cheap. i wa there in the toilet pissing while lookin out the window at bangkok city, rather sureal.

- it was the worst train, no air conditioning and it was very hot and sweaty, the bed was basically to chairs that converted into a bed ad they were leather. bad times.  

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