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- we woke up at 7.30 and was out of the hostel at 8. we took a tuk-tuk to the bus station to try and catch the 8.30am bus to Chiang khong as this was the best way to do it according to the hostel host. the earlier the better because then there was more chance of catching the last slow boat to Laos, is what he said.

- we got to the bus station at 8:15 which left us 15 minutes to get the ticket and get on the bus. there was a massive queue of about 20 people and before 5 people had got their tickets and left the queue it was already 8.30 (the time our bus was supposed to leave).

- we finally then got to the ticket desk and the lady at the desk told us that the only bus that had gone or is going to Chiang Khong today was leaving at 1.00pm. the guy at the hostel had lied to us, so we got our tickets and waited.

- Louis wanted a thai massage and there was a shop over the road that was doing them for quick a resonable price. long story short i went to the internet cafe next to the massage place while Louis got a massage from a LADYBOY!!!!

- we then got on the bus and it took 6hrs 30mins to get to Chiang Khong. we got there and there was a lady waiting there for travellers and said my hostel is empty and its only 110 baht each per night which is a very very good price. we went there and we could see Laos from where we were staying, it was about 400meters accross the meekong river (i dont think thats how you spell it) its the river which seperates laos and thailand.

- the lady that owned the place was called Maleewan and she had an american partner called Don. they were both very welcoming and cooked a good sweet and sour chicken and rice.

- after the food we went on the internet and louis got a message from stewart (a guy from the old tour group) asking us to get in touch with him. we phoned him and he said we should come down to the south with them and after some deliberation thats what we decided to do. we asked maleewan and don the cheapest way to get to bangkok. they were very helpful.

- we ended up going to bed at 1.00am.

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