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Howdy people,

Been speaking to lots of you on facebook, but I’ve not really had time to write on here this weekend!
Had a good weekend!, my family has two houses, one in my little village of Banko and the other in the city of Kumasi (where I am now).

We came to Kumasi on Thursday (as I get Fridays of school!), and when we arrived we chilled out and got to know the local area a bit.  My rooms quite nice with a proper toilet and even a shower! I think I have already said this!

Anyway on Friday we went to the main market, which is the biggest market in the whole of Ghana, and my god I have never seen so many people in my life! As you know I am a pretty small person and when there are millions of people around you all with big massive packages or bowls of stuff balanced on their heads your life flashes before your very eyes!  But good to know nothing fell on me!  I bought a pair of flip flops (which have now chewed my feet up) and then we walked 100,000 miles across the packed smelly market to the zoo!  Well I was dead excited for this but I had to pay double the price because I’m white! Martin Lutor King needs to work on the whites rights!! Anyway.

.. when we went into the zoo, it was more like a prison for animals, the cages was small, and by small I mean miniature, wouldn't even be fit for an ant.  All the animals looked soo hot as there was hardly any shelter, it just discussed me sooo much, and my host father could not understand why I wasn't laughing and smiling!

Enough of Prison! We made our way back across the packed town and then caught the tro tro home, (mini busses which are packed like tins of sardeens).  When we got back some of the neighbours came to the house and two of the lads spoke fluent English!! yey finally!  This was pretty good to have some young people I can talk to like a human being not a retard =].

Saturday we was supposed to go to Lake Bosumtwe (can't spell that either) haha, but it rained soooo hard it would put England to shame!  We chilled at the house, and I made my way to the bank slowly too.

  Today we went to the Lake!, was the most incredible experience so far! The weather was perfect and when we got there it was picturesque! Took loads of pictures, and met some more volunteers there too, they are also with Bunac and are on my flight home! yey i have someone to fly home with!

I will upload some picks at some point, but the computers here will only just let me type!!

Byeeeee xxxxx


bandsassy says:
The lake sounded fab, looking forward to seeing some pics!

Sue x
Posted on: Oct 29, 2009
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photo by: SmileyGirl