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Hello Everybody!!

I don't really have much time to write here as I have spent all my time on face book!
I am really starting to enjoy my life here allot more now you will all be pleased to know, I think I am starting to climbotise to the weather and also getting to know people much more, I'm learning bits of the local language and getting used to being called OBRUNI (white person) which I just shout back BIBINI (black person) this always makes the Ghanaians laugh, as not many whites dare shout it back! This is a very jokey saying =]

At the school I am getting to know the teachers much more, and they are helping me out sooo much, in the evening we often meet up and play cards or football or something, and they are helping me out with my travelling especially this girl called Adelaide where she went way out of her way to help me organize my trip to cape coast this weekend! =]

I am in Cape Coast now, I travelled down yesterday on state transport, it cost me roughly 5pounds to travel for 4 hours which is pretty good, and as soon as I arrived in Cape Coast I met up with the other volunteers where we found our hostel!  The hostel is quite good, although it is lacking in working showers!!  If you go to the top on the roof there is a bar which serves some food, and you can look out to the sea and the streets before!!  For tea last night, we went to a bar right on the beach which was lovely, and had ... wait for it.... PIZZA AND CHIPS!! woooooop!!!! And we had a stroll along the front and back up to the hostel!

Today we are going to Kakum National Park where there is a huge bridge which is like VERY high!! google it and seeee! I will upload some of my pictures at some point, it’s just the whole effort and waiting for such SLOW computers and the risk of the electricity going out everywhere!

Oooo I bought a ceiling fan for my room at my host families house too, so I can actually get a nights sleep with out being wet through in the morning!  Getting used to showering in a bucket too, haha I usually cover my self in soap then turn the bucket upside down on my head, it lasts about 5seconds but it’s more powerful than my shower in Chorley!! haha!

I'm offskis, I will write soon if I don't get chance before I leave to Kumasi I will visit the local town and write next week =]

Love you and miss you all!!

cja17 says:
Yay! - another vote for bucket showers here. Cool blog Rach - don't forget to put some pics up when you hit some broadband. Travel safe!
Posted on: Oct 31, 2009
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Cape Coast
photo by: SmileyGirl