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Didn’t get chance to write yesterday.  Yesterday was a hectic but fantastic day.  Started early and ended late, first we went to the SYTO office and went through some more important things that we need to know.  We then wandered round the local area of Accra looking at the stands and visiting the local supermarket which was good fun. Getting lunch in an English (expensive) restaurant which seemed weird listening to our music and not reggae.

After we had had lunch we went back to the SYTO office to have our Drumming and Dancing lessons which was fantastic.  We have been offered if we want a drum making for us we can have our names etc carved into it, which I’m thinking about!  When we finished we moved back to the hostel to get ready for a BEACH PARTY! wooop.  The Beach party started at 9 and finished about 4 in the morning, although we left about 12ish as we was kind of getting smoked out!  The party was soo picturesque, trade stands around the outside and a reggae band on stage, with a bar to the right, straight ahead was the sea, which was coming in rather fast, but sitting and listening to the waves and the laid back music having a dance was amazing.  The smell of weed got stronger and stronger even though weed is not legalised over here it’s very common.

This morning was extremely hard to get up, I mean I have enough problems back home haha.  This morning we went for a cooking lesson which was an experience and a half! Wafting them coal pots sure tones your arms lolol.  The food is very fatty and greasy and I'm really not keen on much of it, so fruit from the market is mainly my diet this week!  I have been told that when we start our placements and we do not eat our food it will be seen as offensive... yeah I think I'm going to offend a few people! eee well MANGO MANGO MANGO again will be fine!

The issue at the banks was really quite upsetting and annoying today, we have all brought out travellers cheques from the UK and they will not except them with out our passports and the receipts of the cheques, and the receipts is the part I do not have!  Our passports are handed to the SYTO office as we all need our visa extended (this does not mean I’m staying out here longer tho haha).  This now leaves my cheques un-useable!! grrr!, and then I have tried my card in the machine and that did not work either, this meant I was stuck in the middle of Africa with only about 20cedi!  Anyways after loads of arguments and issues we found out that my card was blocked due to 'fraud' and we have sorted it out!  I will need to phone home screaming DADDDDD when I soon run out of money on my card! Please note that we was stuck at the bank for near enough 3 hours!!!

Tomorrow at 5.30 I set off to Kumasi which is another huge town where I will meet my family for the next 2months and I will travel to Banko which will be my village I am staying.  The placement is the part I really can not wait for and I hope it really goes well!

There is sooo much more I could write on here but there really is not enough hours in the day!  I might find it hard to write as often as I can now over the next few weeks, but leave me a comment on facebook and I will get back to you as soon as I can!  I do have a Ghana number out here which I will give out to you guys!

Anyways Toodles xxx


bandsassy says:
Hi Rach

Beach party sounded great! Glad you've got your money sorted, bank of dad will be calling soon though!

Sueeeeeeeeeeee xx
Posted on: Oct 17, 2009
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