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Hi Guys,

I have now spent nearly a week at my host family’s house.  I have quite a large bedroom with a double bed!! woop, I was really bothered about the wash facilities before I arrive, but I have a proper toilet and also a wash room, although my shower is a bucket! That’s not as bad as you think, as you really don’t want hot water out here, you will be way to hot, so its not THAT bad.  Not saying I wouldn't pay 100pounds for a proper shower at this moment in time! lol.

The family is really nice, although only 1 member speaks English, and even that is pretty limited, so as you can imagine I’m a bit of a mute here which is really lonely at times!  But my mum says when I feel lonely that I should look at the stars so I do!  My placement is really good, I am teaching form 1s and forms 2s, which about year 7-10's in English schools, and their English is really quite good.

  All the teachers at the school are really good at speaking English and live near by, which helps sooo much!  When the children are naughty here they use the cane, when I saw this, it upset me quite allot, I don't think its right to hit the children.

Food is a huge issue for me here, there is not allot I really like, other than rice, egg, bread and pasta, oh yeah and fruit, so along with the miles of walking I appear to be loosing a bit of weight YEY! I’m also burnt to a crisp and peeling... mmm no makeup, hair everywhere and peeling ooo so attractive!

I am spending this weekend in Kumasi, which is the nearest city to where I am staying, I have just arrived, and the good news is a have a en-suite!

I'm gonna have to shoot my family is waiting outside for me and are hungry... not a good mix!  I will write again hopefully tomorrow if not this weekend!

Hope your all taking care, and missing me!!

Love youuuuu xxxxxxx


bandsassy says:
en suite dear!!!! xx
Posted on: Oct 23, 2009
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