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I'm back in Kumasi again! Btw Kumasi is the nearest city to where I stay and it is 1hours tro tro ride from Banko (my village here).  This week at school has been short as the children are on leave from Wednesday dinner to Monday which means I get a extra long weekend!

Yesterday was a pretty bad day, my family here have had some meat which they have paid for some lads to go and catch some rats and grass cutter, this may sound pretty rank to us, but it’s very valuable here!  The family had prepared the meat ready for sale and had it in their fridge at the house, when somebody had stole it over night.  The family had not paid for it yet, and they would pay out of the money they received when it was sold, therefore it leaves them with a 50c debt, which is about 25pounds to us! So the family had been pretty upset and the police here is shocking, so it’s left me in a pretty awkward position, but I have already paid out quite a bit for the family for fans for the rooms!  Hm.


This weekend I have come back to Kumasi and tonight I am stopping in the hostel I stayed in last time, and tomorrow I am going to meet one of the teachers in the town centre, where I will find a different hostel to stay in!  On Saturday I am going to the hair dressers to see if they can sort my mop out !?! Yeh my roots are pretty bad, so I was going to see if they can dye them for me as they have hairdressers here which specialise in white people’s hair.  Everybody here is saying I should get my hair braided, but I don't know if it will damage my hair or not, so if somebody can find out text me it would be great!!

Sunday I am going to some sort of crafts place or something, and then will go back to my village of Banko where I will start another week of school!!

The school is pretty good, but there is no English syllabus and my English is pretty poor, as you may of noticed from my blog!  So I’m trying to help them as best as I can, but they don't complain so it’s ok!!

Anyway I’m shooting!



bandsassy says:
Enjoying reading your blogs Rach....sounds like you're having an amazing time.

Take care
Sue xxxxxxxxxx
Posted on: Nov 05, 2009
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