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Sorry I have not been able to write for quite a while, I've just been sooo busy it’s untrue!

Over this past week I have been travelling to the north of Ghana with loads of other volunteers visiting Mole National Park and also Paga where I am now and I have been to the crocodile pond.  Visiting the Mole National Park has been a very stressful situation as there has been loads of people all from all over the world, and not everybody getting on very well! But it has also been such a fantastic experience.

  I have been on a walking Safari where we walk for about 2hours with a guide taking us round the national park looking to see the animals about, seeing the elephants at this time of the year on foot is really rare, but we saw one!  We was sooo close and the vast majority of us was some how bricking it, but if you run then it can run faster than you, so you haven't to show your fear... all the guides did was stamp their feet and throw sticks at it which was pretty surprising as they was holding guns, but the elephant just picked the stick and threw it back!

Other animals we saw was antelope, 3 species of monkey, loads of birds, crocodiles, and we stayed in a tree house under the stars for one night, and then the guide in the morning told us there was hyena less than 100meters away through the night!! This experience was really good as we built a campfire and slept under the stars although it became sooo cold through the night and we were bitten to death! Yeah I think 2hours sleep was the record!

The hotel we stayed at the other two nights had a swimming pool, which meant we could swim and relax by the pool yey!!

From the national park we moved up to Paga which is right at the top of Ghana where the crocodile pond is and where I have been today.
.. this was ok we had good pictures but the experience was a bit of a let down.  We also have been to see the slave camp which was soo shocking finding out what happened to the slaves many years ago!

Tonight we stay in a town near Paga where there is a night club next door! So tonight its party time!! Tomorrow we are heading back down to Kumasi as its one of the lads birthdays so we are going to have a proper night out for that, then we move back up north a little way to see Kintampo falls and a monkey sanctuary! so its all good stuff!!

Time is going sooo fast here it’s crazy, there is soo much I still want to see, and I have made some really good friends too!  Part of me is wanting to stay for Christmas as I don’t think I will ever have the opportunity again, although the thought of seeing everybody again and being with my family is really strong too, so I need to think!!  My placement is also going really well, and a new Madam has started the school and will be teaching English with me, which means there is less pressure on me =]

Anyway I’m going to go.
.. I need to get ready for tonight! PARTY WOOOP

will catch up soon... and I have uploaded pictures on facebook! Not many but enough to follow where I have been!

Byeeeee xxx

bandsassy says:
I'd have been bricking it too Rach! Keep having fun.
Sueeeeeeee xx
Posted on: Nov 24, 2009
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