Final Day of Fitness Rally.

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The final day of our fitness rally.  Started off the day with a 3 1/2 mile run off the premises into the community.  The mansions around here are breathtaking.    Went to Bedford Village for the late morning early afternoon.  Very historical and full of knowledge how life was back in the 1700's and 1800's and early 1900's.   

When we were leaving Foghorn the pet rooster followed us to the exit.  He just wanted attention.  The locals that worked in the Village encouraged us to pick him up.  I was exteremely reluctant.  I was reluctant to pet him too.  One of the workers picked him up and then I slowly reached in and pet him.  He did not try to bite.    He "cockadoodle doo'ed"  for minutes and minutes on end.  Rooster feathers are soft and their heads feel like rubber.  Photos will follow from this whole week in the next few weeks. 

We relaxed around the outdoor pool for the rest of the afternoon enjoying the last days of summer sun.  By evening we decided to head to Altoona PA which is about 40 miles away for dinner.  Great dinner, but too much to eat.  Once we got back after getting lost coming back to Bedford we parked and decided to take a nice long walk.  The Resort has an amazing golf course that brings people from all over the world.  I ended up doing a power walk with Tony about 2 miles thru the whole golf course in the dark.  Golf Courses are peaceful to begin with, but when walking on them in a cloudy dark sky with no lights take on a whole new feeling. 

Overall this was the best place to have a Fitness Rally.  From Charleston, S.C., Savannah GA,  to Skytop, PA, to Hyde Park New York,  and all the rest, all of these are very educational and relaxing and rewarding to stay active and to stay as a group.  Talk to you soon.


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We drove there thinking it would be a grande place.  It is very historical but during the off season,  not many work there to show the tourists around.  We did get a couple workers to show us some of the homes and shops. 

Homemade candles dipped into a big vat of melted wax,  homemade cookies baked in a wood burning oven, pewter being made into lanterns, shoes being made from real leather and of course we were followed by a strange pet,  Foghorn the rooster.  He continued to cockadoodledo until we petted him.  The gentleman making lanterns in the pewter shop picked up Foghorn and insisted that he would not bite or peck.  I did pet his feathers,  wow how soft!!!  He followed us all the way to the exit.  I guess he is used to all the guests that visit Olde Bedford Village year round. 

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photo by: diisha392