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I was so excited to find that my gym offered yoga classes for 3 pesos a class that I didn't even pay attention to the funny look the handsome young guy at the desk gave me as I asked to sign up for a class.   I figured it'd be just like the other "power yoga" classes I'd done back home.  However, the instant I crossed the threshold of being able to turn back without making a scene or at least being rude, I realized it was definitely not power yoga.  In fact, it was "yoga terapia," which, as it turns out, translates into "make sure most of your major joints are working 1-2 times per week" and person closest to me in age had to be at least 25 years my senior.  I may have expended 5-10 calories during the entire hour I stayed in there, doing light stretches, rolling my shoulders, bending my knees, etc, but the best part was that there is a gigantic window facing the rest of the gym, so all the trainers and everyone else could see my in there (in my cute workout tights and little puma tank top) next to the 70+ crowd (not similarly attired).  Well, now i know.

Anyway, things are still great here.  I spent yesterday in lab and then running errands and window shopping in the neighborhood.  I am perpetually amused here, and I really wish I could take everyone with me just to take in the smallest details.  For instance: instead of simply begging for money as happens in other major cities I've seen, people will actually try to sell you random things as your car is stopped in major intersections - retractable tape measurers, inflatable soccer balls, etc.; the dogwalkers out in full force during rush hour, dragging 12-15 dogs of varying sizes through the streets; the way this traffic forces everyone, even the middle-aged women, to do the  awkward quick jog-step across intersections in between oncoming buses and taxis, and so on.  I've posted more pictures, even though I've been more or less negligent in taking enough of them and have resorted to pilfering some of the from my friends' facebook albums.  Enjoy!
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