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The pace of life here is truly fabulous.  I probably spend about 1/3 of my waking hours in a cafe or restaurant, on average.  There is never a rush, no pressure, long meals with waiters who pretty much expect that you could/might be in your seat during their entire shift and it wouldn't matter.  In brief, here's a summary of the week's activities.

-Lab: mon-thurs I went to lab and did some preliminary experiments and such. I gave a presentation on my project to the lab group, in spanish, which was pretty rough but I managed with some help from my mentor.
-Lots of food: restaurants and cafes here, as mentioned above, are incredible.  I actually even ate two dinner yesterday, one earlier of typical argentine fare (my first argentine steak, bueno), and one later at an American restaurant called Kansas.  At that rate I'll need to visit the trainers multiple times per day.  Also the little panaderias are all over and they are good too - bakeries that sell empanadas and all sorts of wonderful things for really cheap.
-Chinatown: Tuesday the whole lab went out to a big dinner in Barrio Chino, and thursday we went out to a pub for a goodbye to one of the researchers who is returning back home to Switzerland.  One bad thing about this is that his spanish has thus far been the easiest for me to understand, since he learned it as a foreign language and speaks very slowly and clearly.  I'm improving though.
-Zoo: there's a great zoo about 2 blocks from my residencia, complete with not one, not two, but THREE baby white tigers, which are about the cutest/most playful animals i've ever seen.  Beavers have officially been demoted from my list of cute animals, as the ones they had rampant all over this zoo actually resembled aquatic NYC sewer rats, with huge rodent tails (not the big fluffy ones) and creepy webbed feet.  I'll post some pictures soon.  The zoo is a good one though, with very nice walkways and a huge variety (hippos, hyenas, a huge bear that waves at people to get food, etc). 
-Holidays: friday (25 de mayo) was their independence day.  I caught the end of a military band performance at one of the parks nearby, and went to part of the Buenos Aires Jazz Festival and saw some good acts.  The also had an artisans market (although there are markets all over the place, especially on weekends).  i bought my first souvenir/splurge from a leather craftsman - it's a beautiful little circular leatherbound mirror with black and red designs. 

Anyways, the rest of the Tech group returns from Chile tonight, although most of them are heading off to Rio tomorrow anyways.  Tuesday I'm taking an overnight bus to Mendoza (west - towards the mountains) with a few of the other techies for an extra extra long weekend, so my next update will probably be from the heart of the wine country :)
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