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I must start my blog about stadiums with my team, the Milwaukee Brewers and their home at Miller Park.  Going to Miller Park for a game can be as convenient an experience as you'll find anywhere in baseball.  Miller Park was built in the parking lot of its predecessor, Milwaukee County Stadium (Trying not to shed a tear about the loss of my childhood stadium) and was completed in 2001. 

I had tickets to the game on my birthday, and a couple of friends would be joining me.  A trip to Miller Park is never complete without tailgating in the parking lot.  In fact, there will be plenty of people who will be tailgating in the parking lot who never go into the stadium at all.  Toss your grill in your trunk and fill a cooler with bratwurts, burgers, beer, and whatever other items (potato salad, condiments, etc.) you'd need to have a great pregame meal.  Ideally you'd have pre-soaked your brats back home in some beer.  I like to toss a few onions into the beer as well, some add jalapenos to give it a little more kick.  Clearly you have to arrive a significant amount of time before the game starts in order to grill your meats, eat and drink to your heart's content, and also make it into the stadium for the game. 

Immediately upon stepping out of your car your mouth begins watering as fellow visitors with the same idea as you are already grilling up their bratwursts.  If I make it to heaven I'm pretty sure I'll be greeted by the smell of bratwursts on the grill.  The parking lot is large, which is much different from so many of the stadiums I've been to.  There would be revolution in the streets if they took parking away.  The tailgate is a vital part of the Miller Park experience.

Once we entered the stadium I was pleased with the seats I had.  Fabulous, about 12 rows up on the first level behind home plate.  Once the game begins I am reminded of how wonderful baseball is, especially when played with wood bats.  The crack of a wood bat is a beautiful sound.  A perfectly struck pitch by a great hitter has a distinct sound to it.  I could never get into college baseball because of the metal bats and the loud "PING!!!" you hear everytime the bat hits the ball.  Makes your skin crawl. 

But major league baseball isn't quite what it used to be, as I'm reminded between what seems like every pitch.  Advertising, promotions, giveaways are everywhere.  Do I really need another free t-shirt?  I'm amazed at how crazy people will go for a t-shirt.  I don't know what the shirts say, but i'm sure it's got some kind of company logo on it.  Maybe if I need more kitchen rags.  I'm reminded of a scene in an otherwise forgettable movie, Major League 2, in which the owner is soundly ridiculed for selling advertisements on the outfield walls.  Now, it's shocking if there's space on the wall without advertising.  By the way, Major League 2 is not a good movie, but it's predecessor, Major League, is fabulous.  We Brewers fans are really proud of the role Bob Uecker, our radio play-by-play guy, plays in that classic movie.  He's also in Major League 2, which saves it from being total trash.

The Brewers pull of a tight win, 3-2, against Cincinnati on this day and most everyone in attendance goes home happy.  Each player has his own music played either when they enter the game as a pitcher, or when they take their at-bats.  Trevor Hoffman, the closer for the Brewers, has the most perfect entrance music I've ever seen for a player.  "Hell's Bells" by AC/DC.  It's an electric atmosphere when he steps onto the field.

As I write this initially it is without pictures, but I have them somewhere....I'll just have to dig them out.

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photo by: nik2blessed