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Hello everyone. I just got back from a week long trip in South Dakota with my best friend Erin and the 13 others from my college geology class. We got to the badlands at about 9 o'clock and it was hotter than hell and we still had to set up camp. There was 2 tents and 2 small, small "cabins" at the first campsite we stayed at. Oh! and the bathrooms were covered in flies that would bite your ankles. Erin and I had to suffer in the tent the first night and then we got to share a bunkbed the second night, arent we lucky!!! We got up at 7 the next day and went hiking in the badlands. I felt like the head explorer for Erin and the other pep's walking with us, haha meaning they were too chicken shit to climb down the buttes to find the safest way down. We stayed one more day in the badlands, which included a 45 minute hike around the Fairy Mounds in 115 degree weather. Yes, sneaking under barbwire fence while getting 3rd degree burns on my hands (jk) and neddle scraches all over my legs sux but I loved every minute of it!! We went to Wall Drug our last day in the Badlands and had a grand time harrassing the wooded statues of cowboys. It was then our 3rd day of travel and we headed for the black hills, GORGEOUS!!! Our campsite was absolutely a dream compared to the last place. It had life! Full of green grass and trees, and a clean bathroom! Some of the highlights of the Black Hills were the Windy cave with included a tour guide with the most fucked up ears I've ever seen...and it wasnt his ranger hat pushing down on them to make them look that way. Walking down to Fishmen's Point and having Jake and Matt find the Geo-cashing capsule. (geo-cashing is where people get the coordinates to where these capsules are and have to go find them. The boys felt very special that they found it with no map). A 2 hour hike up Harney Peak which me and a couple of the other students endured, if our teacher had given us an updated map with current trails it would have went a long way. HAHA then coming down the peak wasnt any easier. Erin, Skye and myself decided to leave the boys and get back to the van earlier...but we went down the wrong trail and tried hitch-hiking back to the van while hail pounded down on our heads...thank god that bulldike forest ranger picked us up. We stopped at a couple lakes to go swimming and had seaweed throwing parties, it was fun until you had to pick the bugs out of your hair later. One night when it rained harder a couple of us decided to creep in this farmer's field and do cartwheels in the weeds, I was not drinking by the way to that someone who thought it necessary to tell the teacher I was. A couple nights later while having a campfire I stayed up all night talking about shooting with the boys and ended up sleeping outside, it got pretty cold. Our last day in the Black Hills my teacher surprised us with a rock climbing adventure. Matt was the first one down and he lost his balance and fell upside down, I never laughted so hard. I was after him and made it look like I was a pro, I love shit like that. My teacher kept threatening that we were going to eat this creation of his called "tuna goop". He made it up however (thank god) and we went out to Pizza Hut for our last dinner. That night none of us could get to bed so Brent, Air, Me and Jake and the occasional sleep walker came over to listen to Hollywood Undead on my Ipod. I felt very sad at 4 in the morning when we began to head home. I also felt bad for the girl who not only got posion ivy on her ass, but threw up a couple times on our way back home. Lucky me I guess, I wasnt in the same van as her.

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