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This Roman Amphatheater is 2000 years old.

Last night I went to sleep with the sound of accordion music being played on the street below. How Italian is that!?

I went from Torino, Italy to Verona Italy. Not for any reason in particular, but because I had to find somewhere between Torin and Venice to spend the night, and Verona stuck out in my mind, as I remember it was the setting for Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.

My guide book said it was a very romantic city, also called “Little Rome”. Indeed there was a 20,000 seat Roman Amphitheater there built almost 2000 years ago! It is now the opera house.

The iron fence was almost as impressive as the statue.
An American lady sitting next to me on the train this morning said she was there last night (I can't remember the performance) but it got rained out, despite their attempts to continue during the deluge.

I arrived in Verona, in the very early afternoon, which meant, I could finally relax and stroll around to see the sights for a change. Of course this was contingent (as always) on finding a hotel in which to stash my luggage. It took me about 45 minutes before I figured out there were NO hotels near the train station (unlike the other cities I have so far encountered) and had to look once again to my guidebook for help. With much trial and error and a little help from a bus driver (I had boarded the wrong bus) I finally got the correct bus into town, where there were supposed to be hotels.

I found the one the guide book called “the basic cheapy, but the best value in this price range for the area.

Noice the brightly colored fresco paining on the buildings in the background.
” This time I had a little balcony in the room but no toilet or shower. They were down the hall, to be shared with others on my floor. That's what $50 get you in Verona.

With my bag safely stashed, my guide book and I had a stroll around the city and a couple of beers plus some pizza at an outdoor cafe. I tried to get a wireless signal from somewhere with my laptop, and finally succeeded sitting on the sidewalk (not really a sidewalk, but I don't know the name for the tiny walking area that's really part of the narrow street) in front of a hotel. After a few minutes the hotel attendant came out and told me to scram. I then searched out the internet cafe mentioned in my book.

I did the regular e-mail thing and then tried to find on-line an earlier train into Velden, Austria where the blessed event is to take place on Saturday.

A hansome Italian? Nope, just me.
I had already reserved a seat on a train from Venice, Italy to Velden, arriving at 6:PM, but wanted to go earlier. Try as I might, there were just no connections getting me in any earlier, unless I wanted to take a 6:AM train from Venice. No thank you. I'm on vacation dammit!

As I left the internet place, it started to drizzle. I got to the hotel, stashed my computer, went back outside and it started to pour. Only a few minutes before, the tiny alley like streets were jam packed with tourists, and all of a sudden everybody was gone, as if the rain had washed them into the drains.

The sky above was a non-stop lightning show. The lightning was different than I had ever seen. It was almost constant cloud to cloud lightning, illuminating the sky like a flickering florescent bulb. I dashed down my alley, ducking into a portico and out the other side where I had seen a sidewalk cafe.

A thunderstorm in Verona, Italy. At one time the sky was non-stop lightning
No signs of patrons under the now drenched umbrellas, but I made a run for the door, and found a few tables inside. I spent the rest of the evening reading my book and drinking draft beers. (how odd!)

By the time I left, the rain had cleared (although it returned again later in the night) and a couple of sidewalk cafes had set up shop again. This is where the accordion music was coming from.

Today I'm on my way to Velden.

Oh, by the way. Always having keen observation for Eurofashions, the men stopped wearing Capri pants in France or Italy. It must be a Spanish-Portuguese thing, and I haven't seen many mullets lately. The big thing here is brightly colored plaid shorts. I remember having a pair of them myself back in the 80's. Damn. Why did I throw them out???

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This Roman Amphatheater is 2000 ye…
This Roman Amphatheater is 2000 y…
The iron fence was almost as impre…
The iron fence was almost as impr…
Noice the brightly colored fresco …
Noice the brightly colored fresco…
A hansome Italian?  Nope, just me.
A hansome Italian? Nope, just me.
A thunderstorm in Verona, Italy. …
Villas on the riverbank.
Villas on the riverbank.
photo by: wilber85