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Torino. Sister City to Salt Lake, as far as Winter Olympics are concerned.

I didn't see the sacred shroud of Turin, however the towel in my hotel was made of linen. Does that count for something?

The train ride from Nice, France to the Italian Border was truly spectacular! I wound it's way up steep mountain valleys that reminded me of both Big and Little Cottonwood canyons. At some points the tracks clung to the cliffs way above the river and then would disappear into the mountainside via a tunnel. Sometimes we emerged from a tunnel and would be in a different valley all together. Sometimes there was a highway beside us, sometimes the highway would be below or above us.

The train was really a modern affair. Build by Bombardier, the snowmobile and snow cat makers, it was sleek and comfortable, especially for a first class pass holder, such as myself.

Motorcycle accident in Torino. Don't worry. I'm fine.

I had to change trains in a tiny Alpen village called Tende. It looked like something out of a movie, and like a tiny version of Alta, Utah. I ate lunch and had coffee and waited for the next train to Italy.

The Italian train for the next segment was a rickety old affair. It was a stark contrast to the modern one from France. Here, I was really happy to be in “first” class, as the tourist class was standing room only. At least I had a seat. I had to change trains once again, this time another modern train with an upper and lower deck.

Once in Torino, I searched out a hotel. I finally picked one that my guide book recommended. It wasn't bad at all. A very modern bathroom and comfortable bed.

Here is the church. here is the steeple. (Open the doors and see all the people)
For dinner, I found a little place near the square that had sort of a snack buffet and drinks. For a set price, I got a beer and all of the various hor' douvers (how do you spell it?) and snacks. Plenty for a meal. I got another beer at another pub across the way, and heard the unmistakable voice of another American. I had a good chat with a fellow who was driving around Europe in a rented VW Golf. He had just come from Switzerland.

By going to a window at the end of a hallway on my floor in my hotel, my laptop was able to pick up someone's wireless network signal, and I was able to tap into the internet and check my e-mail etc. So far on this trip, either the hotel has had internet, or I wander around the street until I pick up an unsecured signal. I am still surprised that people are connecting their wireless systems with out password protecting them, but it's working to my advantage so far. I have only had to go to the internet cafe and pay for service once, in Nice, France.

That's all the news for now. I have received messages that the various contingents have arrived, are arriving or will soon arrive in Velden, Austria for the big event on Saturday.

Ciao for now.


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Torino.  Sister City to Salt Lake,…
Torino. Sister City to Salt Lake…
Motorcycle accident in Torino.  Do…
Motorcycle accident in Torino. D…
Here is the church.  here is the s…
Here is the church. here is the …
Another beautiful Eurochurch
Another beautiful Eurochurch
Huge banner at the end of the stre…
Huge banner at the end of the str…
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