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The lovely Hotel Inca. All of the comforts of a 2-Star hotel at twice the price!

It's about 60 degrees and drizzly at the train stain here in Porto. Because I don't know how to tell time or set a watch, I missed this mornings train, and now must wait three hours for the next one to the border. Once there, I'm not sure what I'll find. The guide books aren't too encouraging about hotels in the area, so we'll see.

Yesterday, I arrived in Porto in the afternoon. The train ride from Lisbon was great and hassle free, except, again because of my time-piece difficulties (I may explain later, but I'm too embarrassed to tell the tale yet) I was an hour late for my reserved train, and had to purchase a ticket on the next one, barely making it on board.

Replica of Wine carrying ship with cargo of Port Wine.

Once in Porto, I drug my luggage through the hilly cobblestone streets looking for the hotel recommended by Rick Steves. He has good recommendations, but apparently I'm not the only one in the world traveling with his book, as every hotel on his list was full. Finally about four house of trudging around, one of the hotels made a phone call to the Best Western and secured their last room for me. They claimed it was a four-star hotel. It was every bit as small and had none of the charm of the two-star hotel I stayed in the night before in Lisbon, but at least it was twice as expensive. Oh well, live, travel and learn.

In Porto, I had a grilled sole fish. This is my second fish dinner in Portugal, and both times I get the whole fish. Last night it was the whole sole. I ordered a tiny bottle of Port wine with dinner.
City Skyline
It was pretty good, and not as sweet as I remembered port wine.

I had planned on going to Santo Campostelo tonight. It's a Spanish city on the catholic pilgrim trail. After my train mishaps, and a discover that my Euroail pass won't take me along the north coast of Spain, I may veer south east to Ourense or Leon. I think the first stop is Valencia.

I'm having trouble with the language here in Portugal. I thought my Spanish would get me by. One thing the guide books mention is Portuguese pride. They are very proud that they aren't part of Spain, and therefore are proud that they don't speak Spanish. Often I can understand what they are saying, but am shy about asking for information in Spanish. English (at least a few words) are spoken at the train stations and hotels desks. There are lots of other tourists here. I've seen only one other group of Americans, but lots of Germans.

Who know when I'll be able to send this off. I'm not getting a wi-fi signal here at the train station

Until Later. Ciao!

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The lovely Hotel Inca.  All of the…
The lovely Hotel Inca. All of th…
Replica of Wine carrying ship with…
Replica of Wine carrying ship wit…
City Skyline
City Skyline
Was the Lone Ranger from Porto?
Was the Lone Ranger from Porto?
Waiting for another train.
Waiting for another train.
photo by: alexandra_h