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Composing e-mail on the amazing French train

Wouldn't' you know it. Finally I'm on a train that has an electrical outlet right at my seat, but it's also the train that so far, has the most stunning scenery. I can't very well justify watching a DVD on the computer at the expense of the amazing mountain view right outside my window. I'm traveling this morning from Nice, France to Torino, Italy.

Yesterday's journey from Barcelona to Nice was supposed to be all the way into Torino, but alas, it was not to be. Once in Montpelier, France, I was told that I needed reservations to continue, and I didn't have them. The very helpful and friendly agent in Lleida, Spain had incorrectly told me I didn't need reservations. Oh well.

The first agent in Montpelier, wasn't very friendly.

She was new at her job. The mouse on her computer wasn't working very well, and she was a little upset that I couldn't speak French. According to her, I was stuck in Montpelier until 1:30 the next afternoon, until there was a seat heading towards my destination. Everything else was full. I booked the trip (just in case she was right) and then got in another line to see another agent.

This time the girl was much friendlier and more knowledgeable. She used what little English she knew along with hand signals, a smile or two, pointing on the computer screen, etc. to help me on my way. I boarded a train to Avignon, and changed trains there heading for Nice. I arrived at close to 9:PM.

There were dozens of hotels within sight of the train station and the first on I picked had an available room.

Village on the border of Franc and Italy
A two star hotel, the price was a bit steep, 60 Euros, about $72.  It was kind of old and dingy, but who can tell from the lobby. Anyway, I've learned my lesson about spending all of my time dragging my roll-aboard and pack all over town looking to save a few sheckles on a room. It just wastes what little time I have in a town.

At the recommendation of the friendly English speaking man at the desk, I found a Vietnamese restaurant, and then an Internet cafe. There was even a self serve laundry across the street open until 11:PM! The man there said he would do my laundry for me and have it ready by 8:AM so I could catch an early train. It cost $15 bucks, but what the heck. I'm the loud, rich American here, I can afford it.

I was prepared to really dislike my time in France, but all in all, it was pretty good. I liked the train ride through Cannes. Now I can say I have been to the French Rivera.

So I am off with fresh laundry, rested and refreshed. I better get my eyes off of this computer screen and take in the mountain valley villages rushing by my window.

See you in Italy! Ciao!

dolcedavis says:
Can you tell me where to catch the train from Nice to Turin and what it is called?
I will be flying into Nice and then heading to Torino to visit family. I have no idea how to find the train and am not having much luck online. Thanks!
Posted on: May 28, 2011
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Composing e-mail on the amazing Fr…
Composing e-mail on the amazing F…
Village on the border of Franc and…
Village on the border of Franc an…
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