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I'm sure this train platform sign said something interesting when I snapped the picture, I'm absolutly positive!

Montezuma's Revenge. Deli Belly. Travelers Tummy. Call it what you want. I've got it. Oh goody.

I'm aboard the train from Madrid to Lleida. I've never heard of Lleida, and I didn't really want to go there, but the less-than-helpful station attendants at the Madrid train station said it was as close as I could get to Barcelona without waiting for the 5:PM train. Hopefully, I can catch a local train from Lleida to Barcelona in time to find a hotel, stash my luggage and have a look around before Midnight. I realized that I won't be going to Bilboa if I want to get to Austria by Friday afternoon.

Yesterday was uneventful. I boarded the train and rode for 8 hours, arriving in Madrid after dark. I talked with a nice Senora from Madrid for about an hour and was surprised that I could carry on a conversation in Spanish for that long. Once in Madrid I had to take the Metro to another station, where the Barcelona trains depart from. I found a hotel not far away, and by this time it was 11:30 PM. I had dinner at a nearby restaurant (I think the source of this morning's troubles) and finally went to bed at 1:AM. This is quite unusual for me.

A couple of observations. First of all, the rain is Spain does NOT fall mainly on the plain. In fact the journey across central Spain is somewhat like the journey across central Utah. Dry.  Lots of brown and yellow grass, scrubby plants etc. (Except in Central Utah, you never see a castle off in the distance.)  The occasional farm or field pops up, and I saw some wonderful sunflower fields. I'm sure it will get greener as I cross the Pyrenees, and head towards the Mediterranean.

Second, an observation regarding men's fashion. If Spain (and Portugal, for that matter) are on the cutting edge of fashion, look for the return of the Mullet (it's still a popular men's hair style left over from the 80's in many of America's trailer parks.) And also Capri style pants, best worn with flip flops. Forget your baggy jeans with your boxers hanging out. It's just not seen here. Instead, cut your pant legs off just above the ankles and add a drawstring if you like, and you'll be the height of Eurofashion, Muchacho style.

Nothing notable to report. Perhaps tomorrow I will experience something wonderful in Barcelona.

Ciao for Niao.


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Im sure this train platform sign …
I'm sure this train platform sign…
photo by: vulindlela