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The train station at Lleida. I was only there for an hour.

Back on Schedule. My Deli-belly was a one time thing. At least thats how it appears.

It seems the larger the train station, the less helpful the agents. After I left Madrid, I landed in a small town called Lleida, Spain. There I found one not-so-helpful agent and two very helpful agents. The first finally informed me I could wait an hour and a half and take the regional train on into Barcelona. During the time, I visited the Customer Service office, and the nice lady there helped me plan today's journey from Barcelona, Spain, through France, and into Torin Italy.

Once we planned the journey, I was sent back to the ticket window, however the first grumpy agent had been replaced with a friendly agent. He booked my seat from Barcelona to Montpelier, France.

Finly, the tropical coast of Barcelona.
From Montpelier, I am on my own, using regional trains point to point, I will make my way to Italy. At least that's the plan.

Yesterday, I arrived in Barcelona and had no plan for a hotel, except to look for one when I got there. The guide book gave a rather grim forecast for finding hotels there during the height of the tourist season, which of course is August. I headed out the door of the train station and went to every hotel I saw. Always the same story. “Sorry, we're complete” which translates into “completely full, so keep walking gringo.”

About the 8th or 9th place I went, they had a room. It was 85 Euros (about $100 US) but what the heck. I had a couple of hours to explore and eat before bed time.

Barcelona was great. I reminded me a lot of Venice. Tiny alley-like streets with numerous cafes and bars tucked underneath every nook and cranny. Every turn was a new adventure. This place must get a lot of tourists with so many places to eat and drink. I wish I had more time here to visit more of the cool little pubs and bars.

I chose a touristy restaurant on the waterfront, where I drank a huge beer and people watched while I waited for my paella.

I think I finally got my body clock turned around. I went to bed about 11:PM and awoke at 7:30, just before my alarm.  Of to France today.  More on that later.

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The train station at Lleida.  I wa…
The train station at Lleida. I w…
Finly, the tropical coast of Barce…
Finly, the tropical coast of Barc…
Im not sure Im supposed to be do…
I'm not sure I'm supposed to be d…
Is this Zeus or Posiden?
Is this Zeus or Posiden?
Expensive but nice Hotel in Barcel…
Expensive but nice Hotel in Barce…
Typical Barcelona skyline
Typical Barcelona skyline
photo by: fivepointpalm