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I awoke at 4.30am to pouring rain. I climbed into the minibus where we were offered delicous coffee and a sandwich. We drove as the sun rose to "My Son", temples 30km outside of Hoi An. Beautiful scenery on the way, passing dense jungle. Only 8 people. We had the whole site to our selves as our early arrival missed the hoards of tourists which arrive at 9am. It is a World Heritage Site. The temples were not impressive in comparison to those i saw outside Siem Reap but the setting was. Jungle and rivers surrounded the temples and if the skies were clear, I'm sure it would of been even more beautiful. We had a guide who spoke english but english you couldn't fully understand. The temples were the longest occupied in the whole of South-East Asia, from as early as the 3rd Century to the 17th i think. 75 temples used to exist but due to the American Bombing during the war, only about 20 remain. Huge bomb craters were dotted around the site. The temples were slowly being eaten by nature, with much of the stone now being covered in grass. What was quite amazing was the brick work. The architects and builders were very intelligent during that period. No mortar was used to glue the brick together. In fact, even today it is unknown how the brick work was carried out. It is debated with various theories put forward but no one actually knows. Back at 9.00am, had my second breakfast and decided to head to Hanoi (partially due to an incoming storm and my visa expiry date). I bought the overnight sleeper bus ticket and checked out. I rented a bicycle and rode down to the beach was pretty with many coconut trees and a wavey sea. I lost myself on the way back even though it was one straight road. But got back in time (bumping into the Italians on the way) to have a shower and get on the bus which left at 2.00pm. Parts of the trip were very scenic on the way to Hue. We stopped there for some dinner and then got onto the sleeper bus as night fell. The sleeper buses are pretty awesome and i could sleep pretty flat, not completely horizontal but good enough. The guy was also a twat on the horn but i ensured i got a spot nearer the back so i could sleep soundly.
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photo by: Paulovic