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Took an early bus on a beautfiful ride through the mountains. It was nauseating but incredible at the same time. Never have seen such scenery before. Arrived 1pm in Nha Trang, which had a nice beach but nothing spectacular (especially in comparison to Thailand) and the area was heavily developed. I had planned to stay the night but a train was leaving soon which i could catch. Walked to the trainstation, hopped on the train. Only locals, no tourists. 10 hour ride to Danang which is 30km outside of Hoi An (my target). I took the softseat option with AC, rather than sitting on a wooden bench in the stuffy heat (the difference being $1). On parts of the journey, the scenery was beautiful. But the most annoying and incredibly bad television was on (even worse than that endured in Thailand). I slept as much as i could. At 8pm i realised i hadn't eaten anything the whole day and was feeling faint with hunger. Luckily a dinner service made its way through the train and i spent $1.50 for a plate of rice, piece of pork, something unrecognisable and vegetables. Noone spoke English and i had no clue when to get off the train. At each stop i asked, sometimes getting an answer but mostly no response. I would point outside and say 'Da Nang" which i thought would be easy to understand, seeing as it is the same in Vietnamese as in English. But no. I fell asleep and awoke at 11pm as the train shuddered to a holt. I asked several people "Da Nang, Da Nang" and luckily a girl replied, nodding. So i grabbed my stuff and got off the train. Bought some much needed water. I found a moto to take me into the City. They have more bargaining power at this time because they know it is more difficult for you and you have less options. Everything was closed. I had to call through shutters and after a while of trying, found a motel which asked for $12, got $7. Maybe spent more than i should. I don't know. But it was approaching 12am and i needed a bed. Things are harder when it turns dark. Crashed onto my bed and slept, well.
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Nha Trang
photo by: rotorhead85