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Naturally i woke up late. I am still at this wonderful stage of my life where hangovers avoid me (unless i touch whiskey) so i felt rosy and after some brekkie i cleaned up the house before Hayley & Flynn got up. They tell me not to do anything but to the hell with all that polite nonsense, I want to help. Walked to Hayley's parents house. They are so friendly and welcoming. We ate chips and drank this amazing fizzy passionfruit soft drink as we waited for my family to arrive. I haven't seen them for roughly 11weeks and they are not expecting to see me. I heard footsteps so rushed behind the wall and hid waiting for them to appear. When my mum first set eyes on me i saw no look of suprise, only a blank stare. I briefly thought the news had been spilt to her and she knew of my presence. But then her face broke into a look of suprise and soon the tears followed. My sister followed the same route but my dad remained composed and happy. So it worked. Nice. We all chatted, had drinks and then cooked up a real nice barbie/bbq/braai -whatever you want to call it. I began reading Twilight and the thing with books is, i have the compulsion to finish it as quickly as possible. So i go through them pretty quick. That night i began to get energized. It's a really strange feeling. An energy which consumes me and gives me the urge to do something. Anything. In those moments i want to try everything. I want to experience things new. I want to run. Sing (i can't sing). Dance. Party. And other things....All at once. It's mental. Sometimes it just occurs, other times through thought i can create the feeling. Needless to say, initially sleep was difficult that night.
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photo by: cimtech