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Soon the cabins lights were on & we were descending into Darwin in the dark. It was strange, and the landing caught me by surprise having thought we were still much higher. The landing was beautifully soft. Through security, baggage reclaim and customs. White faces everywhere. A "G'Day mate, how's it going" was shocking after 61days in SE Asia. There are strict rules regarding what you bring into Australia, but my packet of Weathers Original were passed. I walked in a sleep daze through into the arrivals lounge and sank to the floor, aware that my body was 24hours without sleep. Strangely it couldn't shut down. Sleep seemed to flirt with me, tease me like the twitching string just beyond the reach a cats paw. My eyes ached and as i thought they would shut, they flitted open. My body swayed and mind wondered as i waited for light to arrive. It was 6am, two hours had past, it seemed like a quarter of that. As the sun began to beautifully rise over Darwin, i caught the shuttle bus into the city center, paying $12 for a 20 minute ride. Already equaling a days accommodation & food in SE Asia. The center was quiet. I found my way to the hostel which looked pretty good and was greeted by a friendly smiling girl, the enthusiasm of a new recruit. I dropped my bags but still had 2hours to kill before i could check-in. I wondered the warm clean streets, barely taking in my surroundings in detail, plodding blind- touch and smell seemingly heightened but sight blurred. I bought a egg, bacon and cheese muffin which melted in my mouth deliciously. I then tried to read, my eyes moving over the words by registering none. The lines seemed to merge together. I became annoyed that i couldn't read. I tried to clear my heavy head, started the line again but before reaching its end my eyes were lost. The sun was hot, i couldn't tell the time. It was all relative. It seemed as if i had been floating in a kind of sleeping purgatory for a painful time but it was only 08.00. One hour later. I headed back, staggered into the hostel.convinced them to let me sleep.I took the electronic key card, found my room and crashed onto the bunk bed. Tingling sensations shot through my head and body. Eventually, i know not how long, but eventually i fell asleep and once i woke it was 4.00pm. Things were better. I had the nicest hot shower in a long time. Not the SE Asia "yes, we have hot shower"(but only for one minute) hot shower. A proper steaming hot shower. My hair is becoming ridiculous. The length possibly the longest it has ever been. Damn this wavy hair. I am tempted to shave it off. But then again it is getting interesting. I want to see how it turns out. See just how stupid i can look. Elliot arrives around midnight so i am killing a bit of time on the internet. $2.50 per hour which is reasonable. Now to search for a cheap meal.In the end i settled for MacDonald's, unable to find anything cheaper. As i sat eating my hamburger and reading outside as the sun set, the air became filled with the noise of birds which grew and grew as the day light faded until the trees held hundreds of birds and the sound became deafening. I chilled out that night, just reading & completing my novel. I then took another long hot shower & bumped into Elliot in the hallway on the way back to my room. Gave him a wet hug, was good seeing him. We walked & chatted, finding a 24hour takeaway spot where Elz bought me a steak & onion sandwich & iced coffee. Stayed up until 2am before hitting the sack, listening to my freshly charged iPod.
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photo by: Sunflower300