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Loaded with cookies, biscuits, crackers and water I got on the bus to Kuala Lumpur. I managed to borrow a iPod charger last night so i was a happy boy. I listened to music while munching on my treats before sleeping as usual. Once in Kuala Lumpur the driver shoved us out in a random spot for some unknown reason (he seemed very grumpy) and he nearly went off with all our luggage before we stopped him. Me and two other British guys were heading to the same hostel so we shared a taxi ride (or "tekse" as they spell it here). We asked for meter and he said yes, but tried to convince us to pay him a straight 20r instead but we insisted on the meter. He proceeded to make a big loop as i thought he might, so that the distance driven and fare charged increased. But it still only came to 10r, so 60p each.The hostel is really nice. It's on the 4th floor above a snooker club, tucked in a street spotted with good local food and market stalls. The hostel itself is filled with cats which you find sleeping on the computer, in between novels on the bookshelf and everywhere else. Hot pouring showers, free internet & breakfast and a lounge to watch TV, movies and listen to music. And all of this is shoved into a smallish area so it is nice and cosy but relaxing, clean and comfortable. I freshened up and heading out into the City. Jumped on the monorail for 20p and beat the traffic to the 2nd stop, south down the line. Walked to the amazing Petronas Towers which has a fancy mall within. The building is quite cool to just look at. I walked onwards to the KL Tower and on the way randomly came across and walked through a forest which lies there in the middle of the City. I was hit with mosquitoes, saw squirrels, all kinds of birds and spotted countless monkeys jumping between tree and building where the concrete jungle met its natural opposite. The KL Tower was disappointing for its crazy tourist-inflated price of 7pounds equivalent although it did give you very good views of the City (and you got a free bottle of water!) i don't know how this is an incentive seeing as it sets you back 10p from a 7/11. I then walked down the main shopping and dining street where it is littered with high-end shops and fancy restaurants. I walked past many malls and weirdly one was really going for it in terms of early Christmas decorations and celebrations. Christmas trees, Christmas music, reindeer, fake snow and ice. Even a meet Santa spot was set up. Very strange. Especially considering the heat. It just didn't work. I was famished and Chinatown was quite a walk away so i popped into a 7/11 and bought a loaf of butterscotch bread for 70p which i worked on as i walked to the markets in Chinatown which was packed with food vendors, small restaurants and market stalls selling a fake version of every high-fashion product i had just seen in the malls. I wondered from food stall to food stall, buying honey jackfruit, chicken & beef kebab sticks and a weird thick pancake/bread type thing smeared with a peanut spread. Back i walked, to the Petronas Towers where i chilled drinking iced kiwi green tea before catching a movie at the cinema which was real cool. I haven't had a cinema experience for a good while now so it was awesome and i did it properly, buying the biggest popcorn bucket available (with popcorn too of course) and a large coke. It finished at 11.30pm, and i wondered about, sitting outside by the lake and staring at the City's night sky, lit up by all the many lights. My legs were well and truly knackered but the monorail had closed for the night, so a 30minute walk was in order. I noticed a young boy, flanked by a group of older guys, try to pickpocket a affluent looking guy but his valuables were well tucked away. And then strangely then began to follow me, perhaps after having spotted my camera. The street began to grow darker and they were getting closer, so i jumped a few fences & gates cutting across to a brightly lit street. They lost interest and i continued my walk, treading carefully on the slippery pavements which were being sprayed down by a high pressured mix of water and soap. I bought some lemon and honey iced tea before showering and happily putting my feet up.
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