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Another lazy start to the day. Wake late, a long hot shower & then a McDonald's brunch. But before heading out Ellzy shaved his head, already irritated by the length-but leaving his "Movember" (mustache which you grow throughout November). The heavy rain which fell throughout the morning subsided and we wondered through the main area, me actually processing my surroundings this time after being properly rested. There are quite a few Aboriginals staggering along the streets. And many of them are drunk, throughout the entire day/night. We passed the Aussie supermarket "Coles" so we had a butchers and i realized that this was the place for food. Especially meat. You could buy a hefty slab of steak for A$5.00. 6 cinnamon doughnuts for A$1. Not too shabby. After having been in SE Asia for 2 months where i ate out literally every night, I seemed to have forgotten that you can cook for yourself. But visiting the supermarket made me realize different so this will be my preferred option i think. For the same price as a "Maccers"I can have Kangaroo steak, a loaf of bread and a drink. Nice. Alcohol of the other hand is expensive. Especially considering i was used to $0.13 pints. We rented out a bike, costing us each $20 for half a day- in comparison to $1 for a full day in SE Asia. Although these bikes actually seemed safe, had gears along with a helmet. We coasted along the bike tracks next to the beaches, sea & harbor. Darwin is so quiet. Hardly bumped into anyone, even on the main roads. Passed some pretty areas and started to sweat underneath the hot midday sun. There were water fountains but they provided hot metallic tasting water. We past a quiet looking casino & hotel so went to have a ganders but couldn't enter due to our flip-flops & casual clothes so we rested on the grass, eating doughnuts and chocolate before carrying on. The beaches were long, golden and empty. The seas were bodiless. Signs warned us of box jellyfish. We hurriedly headed back to our hostel to make use of the pool. So we put on our "Swimmers" and hit the water, feeling cool under the hot sun. Got out, feeling refreshed and dried off in the sun while enjoying a jug of cold Carltons beer, which we sipped from "Scooners" (bigger than a half pint but smaller than a full one). Took our bikes back and searched for Crocodile pizza, which Elz was keen to try but we found nothing. So walked to Coles, all the time checking out the local talent, we bought a roasted chicken, a loaf of bread and bbq sauce. Using the hostels kitchen we created two monster 6 level chicken sandwiches which we ate far too quickly on the hostels balcony overlooking the main street. I had enough of my long hair which made be look like a dick & was becoming increasingly difficult to keep clean and unmatted. So i flipped a coin, calling heads as a signal to shave my head, which it landed on - so that decided that. It took an age but i had a lot of fun shaving it, discovering some interesting hair styles during the process. Once i had finally finished I had the thought i always have after shaving my mop off - Much Better. Better looking and just so much easier. My body was dusted with hair so I had a long hot shower to fully clean myself. We were going to check out a bar where it was "Coyote Tuesday" meaning dancing girls wearing very little & "cheap" drinks but Elz fell asleep while listening to music & my eyes were beginning to drop so I decided to do the same.
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photo by: Sunflower300