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The train was late as the later train overturned, killling 7 people. Met the new group who are nice although one of them is an obvious drug addict but a nice bloke all the same. Took a bus ride to Koh Sok National Park. Scenery was becoming more and more tropical. Very pretty like the north. The spot we are staying in is by a river, partially in the rainforest with bungalows within the trees. Went tubing down the river through great landscape. Proper relaxing, so much fun and there were no other people. Stuart was unable to escape the bridge pillars, trees, rocks and logs and seemed to hit everything that was possible to hit. Truck to this temple within a cave under the dense rainforest. Monks were chanting by candle light creating such a soothing & enchanting sound along with the sounds of the rainforest. The trees were full of monkys who jumped from tree to tree and down to greet us. I fed them nuts and bananas. They were incredible, such amazing animals. There was this ridiculously cute baby monkey which hung onto its mothers body. It was funny when inbetween all of this, two monkeys decided to go at it in front of us all. Privacy wasn't an issue. It was a nutty experience. Dogs chasing monkeys. Monkeys chasing dogs. The monkeys filled their cheeks with the small nuts to ensure they could gather as much as possible. They are always on the look out, ready to scamper up a tree out of harms way. Back at our spot I had an incredible massman curry with pork, washed down with Chang beer. Big group around the table, lots of chatting and drinks flowing. Popped to the local shop, bottle of whiskey to share. Played really fun drinking games. My favourite being "i have never..." where you say that and then something you have or haven't done. I you have done it you drink, if not you don't. You found out so much about each other so quickly. It was hilarious. Found out that one lady had tried cocaine, had sex on the beach with a German, in addition to a Greek sailor and was a member of a communist party. I had only done one thing no one else had done and that was a ping pong show. The one bloke richard/dick was getting frustrated with the games and just wanted to drink. "when do i get to fucking drink" he ended up having a lot as he was hopeless. Stuart is actually the funniest bloke i think i have ever met. He is so witty, constantly, a really clever wit. Really interesting as well. He wants to own a mono rail when he is older, in addition to owning a penguin who he plans to name Barry and make wear a suit.
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Khao Sok
photo by: Kramerdude