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Off the boat at sunrise. It was a cold nights sleep. The air-con was on full blast so i slept within my baggy t-shirt. Into a minivan and onto a bus. Falling in and out of sleep, experiencing this insanely weird sensation where my entire body shakes (especially my head) and violently tingles. We changed the bus for some unknown reason before taking the a new bus another 3minutes down the road to the pier. On the boat, the sun's out and we were off to Phi Phi. I was told by a dude from the Netherlands that he doesn't trust these boats and that countries in europe often sell their old boats which are falling apart to countries like Thailand who use them until they sink. We hit one wave created by a passing boat and the impact cracked a few of the boats windows. As we got off we were attacked by tourist operators trying to get us to pick their accomodation recommendations. We waded through this sea of annoyance and walked about finding one in the main village for the night. 5pound each which is alright. i wanted to search for better but i would rather be with the group otherwise it would be a hassle meeting them. There are more locals here but still the western influence is huge and restaurants actually advertise that they do Thai food. Wondered about. Fairly Quiet as it is the low season. Apprently as soon as it hits Novemeber, hoards of people enter the island like the gates have been opened. Went on a short walk along the beaches, many of them empty. Perfect. Stuart kept coming out with great comments "wouldn't it be ironic if you lost your virginity on a virgin plane?" and so on. Chilled on a busier beach. Stuart looking like a lobster. Water really warm but you have to wade a long way out until it gets deep. Talked to an American bloke, Jason-cool guy. Met a Thai girl up north and was now travelling with her. First time to Thailand but had seen every state in America by being a "semi-truck driver" which seems like a wicked idea. Had a bolognaise pizza. Must be one of the best pizzas i have ever had. In Thailand. Weird. I've been going one night Thai, one night Western. Figure i may as well as I'll be in more remote areas soon. Chatted to some of the Scuba-divers who run the courses on the island. English blokes, lived in Phi Phi for 5+ years and that's their job. Pretty mint. Better than reality he says.
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