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Picked up Hayley and Flynn, & then headed to the beach. Apparently it was Heath Ledgers favourite beach and is where they scattered his ashes. it was very pretty with bright white sand and cold blue water. The sun was hot (just thinking about this, that is a silly statement-of course the sun is hot), so we sat on grassy banks above the beach under the shade of huge trees, eating fish and chips. It feels very weird because i am quite simply being spoilt by my parents (and Hayley's parents). For the moment there is no need to pay for food or drink, so simply being bought fish and chips feels strange and out of place after having backpacked. Flies and seagulls were attracted to our food, so as we lounged we amused ourselves by throwing small twigs at the birds and watching them fly off - i am still bloody jealous of all flying things. The wind really picked up as we visited another gorgeous beach. Strangely the weirdest sensation began to build in my chest. It felt like a heavy weight was hanging onto one of my ribs or something. Quite annoying. We stopped at a harbour for ice cream and ice coffee which was damn tasty. Bought a $10 pair of "sunnies". I don't know if they actually protect your eyes but they actually suit me which is a first. Stopped by a seafood shop/restaurant where we bought some prawns, squid and fish for the barbie. The bbq was utterly gorgeous. The seafood was immense and it ain't exactly my first choice. The night was filled with chatter, port and cigars before we moved onto performing various party tricks. It was a wicked night.
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photo by: cimtech