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Started the day with watching yet another movie. 12 monkeys. It was incredible. Hayley arrived back from work early evening with a crate of Stones alcoholic ginger beer. I like ginger beer. I very much like alcoholic ginger beer. She made punch and friends started to arrive. There were no ipods so they resorted to using mine and i was stupidly and unusually paranoid that they wouldn't like it seeing as there appears to be a big music scene in Perth. Another crate of Hahn super dry beer was bought, which was like drinking water. So the beer, punch and conversation started flowing. Chatted to Cammy, and her friend who seemed a little too keen (and she was as i saw later in the club). One of Hayley's friends was one of those guys who has the ability to sing achingly good and play the guitar at the same time, which i think basically every guy would want to do. So yes i was very much jealous. 12pm we headed to the club but Hayley and Flynn stayed behind. I was at that lovely stage of drunkeness where the vision is blurred around the edges and you drift in a numb daze with not a worry. $10 entry fee but i was worrying. No need for drinks in the club, just dancing. I had fun with Cammy and the rest of Hayley's friends (i don't remember their names). It's strange spending time with people you know you probably won't see again beyond that moment in time. Due to the girls i was dancing with being fairly fucking blessed in the looks department, naturally there was hassle from other "men" in the club trying to push me away and take my place. It was funny to watch. They had devised all these sophisticated plans and everything where one of the boys tries hopelessly to befriend me drawing me away from the girl while the other boy takes my place and then basically tries to gyrate up this poor girl. Well they managed to bag the girl who seemed a little too keen (see above) but the more decent girls had better thoughts. 3.30am came far too quickly but i welcomed the pleasure of collapsing into a deep drunken sleep while easing my ringing ears with my ipod.
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photo by: cimtech