The Outback: Day 2

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I awoke at 3.30am to Brad settling down a pot of water on the recently fed fire to boil. The first thing my eyes met was the sky. The absence of the moons light had set the sky ablaze with star light and the milky way streamed across the dark while the southern cross burnt brightly. It was truly spectacular and easily one of the prettiest night skies i have ever witnessed. While the others slept until 4am, me and Brad chatted while drinking steaming cups of fresh coffee in the cold morning air. We then raced the fading dark to our sunrise view point where we waited for the burning sun to break into the sky. Once it did, the red desert was sprayed with sunlight, its rays beautifully hitting Kata Tjuna which we then travelled to. By 7.20am we began our slow walk, stopping every so often for Brad to impart information on the area. We spotted two Kangaroo's hopping in the distance across the red hills. Moments later we bumped into another, munching on grass a mere couple metres from us. Red walls of rock rose up either side of us as we climbed to the viewpoint which providied spectacular views that are beyond description, i'll let the pictures do the talking. The dramatic scenery continued after our break of cookies and water. 2hours20minutes later we had covered 4.5km. I had the opportunity to go ahead at my own pace, so i decided to challenge myself. I enjoy running in such terrain; jumping from rock to rock and the switch in inclinces, declines and flats. So i hit the path hard and 20minutes later had finished the last 3km. While me & Brad waited for the others, i enjoyed a cold orange under the hot sun. We stopped off at the culture centre while Brad prepared us a barbie. It was truly interesting and i wish i had a "photographic" memory so that i could retain all of the info i read. 4 burgers and 2 sausages later, we stopped off for a cold swim before heading to our second nights camp. It was "wayoutback" and there was no one else in sight. We collected fire wood as the sun dipped. I then helped prepare the "damper" (bread - flour,sugar and milk) and others sorted the salad, veg and rice. While The chicken crackled on the fire as we snacked on chips and chatted in the fading light. It was a feast and after we had filled our bellies, me and ellzy went for a shower (not as gay as it sounds), it was such an awesome shower (again, not as gay as it sounds) Hot streaming water heated by a burning fire, in the dark of the outback under the flickering stars of the southern skies. We then settled into our swags and fell into sleep, my ears catching the howling of dingos in the distance.
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Uluru - Kata Tjuta
photo by: Morle