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Woke early and rented a motorbike for $10 including a full tank of petrol. It was an old bike that needed a little servicing but it would do. It ran smoothly but i made sure i took a picture of the bike from every possible angle to ensure i wasn't unfairly made to pay for "damaging" the bike later on (they had my passport as the deposit). I bought a big bottle of water and set off. Past the centre of town, over a bridge which charged a crossing fee of 10,000d and into the countryside. I followed a dusty road which lead to a beautiful blue lagoon where the water was a stunning color of greeny blue. It was so clear and you could clearly see the many fish swimming around. Trees overhung the water providing shade and a set of rocky stairs led into the nearby forest taking you to a large eerie cave where the early morning daylight flooded in. I past many villagers, past smiling locals on their way to the fields. I came across a small waterfall by a cool river where a bunch of young naked boys splashed in the water, cooling off under the falling water and playing games. They took great interest to me and one cheekily bared his bare bottom at me. I decided to venture even further, outside the map i was carring and hit some real dramatic scenery as i continued through villagers and between the limestone karsts. Mist still clung to the hills, providing a white blanket that moulded itself to the slopes. I past many rice fields where locals were hard at work and small thatched huts stood on the edges providing shaded relief. Cattle and pigs wandered along the road side and school children walked happily. Young girls in their uniforms walked together, arms linked with small umbrellas over their heads. I came across two other sections where i had to pay to cross a local's bridge but it was worth it as it lead to gorgeous spots. Then i hit a straight stretch of road back to Vang Vieng which was flat and smooth. I hit 90kmph and was soon back in the Town. I stopped for some cheap tasty noodle soup and then grabbed my board shorts before biking back to the lagoon. I chilled in the cold refreshing water for a good while before purposely setting back to Vang Vieng as the sun dropped. The country side became even prettier during this time of day. It was stunning and the streets were busier with children playing and people returning home from work. I was on my way past the tubing starting point as darkness fell and passed a girl who was walking the 4km back to Vang Vieng after a day of the river. So i gave her a lift. She was 25, from England and had been in Vang Vieng over 45days.She now had a job there which provided free food and alcohol so she was happy. But 45days, jeeez. She said she had been on the river , drinking and partying virtually every day She was rather drunk and she took advantage of the fact she had to hold on to me during the ride back. We parted and i stopped for some market food. Half was good but the pork i bought turned out to be practically all fat. Encountered a group of english lads - proper english lads, all in group jumping up and down and shouting "Let's go FUCKING MENTAL, let's go FUCKING MENTAL, LA la LA la, hey LA la La la hey..." as you do. Chilled for the rest of the night and booked a bus to Luang Prabang for the next day.
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Vang Vieng
photo by: razorriome