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Family caught an early flight to Sydney, leaving me an empty hotel room for the morning. So needless to say i utilised this opportunity to walk around naked, play music loudly and sit in the bathtub under a stream of hot water until my skin had fully wrinkled. Clothes needed washing so i checked out, and headed to a laundrette (my first time doing so) and spent the small price of $2 to do it all. Like waves crashing on a beach, or the flickering flames of a fire; the tumble dryer fixates me. I just watched the clothes rise and fall constantly for 10 minutes. Fun. The weather was the opposite of yesterdays rain. The skies were blue and there was a wicked breeze blowing through the City. I spent most of the afternoon chilling in the gardens surrounding Melbourne. Like Perth they are incredibly beautiful but not as pristine. I fell asleep sitting up against a towering tree, covered in shade dotted with sunshine which had filled the gaps between the green leaves. One of those simple lovely moments where the rustling of the trees, the suns warmth and the feel of grass becomes much more apparent. I wondered through the gardens, passing an Italian wedding where men in creme coloured suits and polished shoes stood chatting while pretty girls in rose dresses posed under a tree for photographs. I passed by a huge impressive looking building which stood next to a garden filled with beds of colourful flowers which bumped into each other as the wind blowed. In the gardens there were couples sharing picnics, wedding parties, families having braai's, guys playing football, people throwing a frisbee, special events, Asian's practicing martial arts, and people like me: just chilling, listening to music and watching the world go by. I decided to have a Mac Donalds (because i felt like one) and was very impressed when i saw a girl around 20, with an incredible body, all tight and toned, wearing one of those skin hugging running pants, munching on 4 of those value burgers. Very nice. As the City streets became covered in shade as the day progressed, I sat on the steps by the station which were bathed in sunlight & waited for Jess. She took me to a wicked roof-top bar where we had a drink as the sun dipped and then moved on for pizza in a funky little restaurant/bar down some alleway i would never have come across on my own. That's what's cool with having friends in the places you visit, as they can take you to all the best spots. We browsed for music at these cool record stores & Jess bought two of Dizzee Rascal's CD's which we bumped in her car as we drove out of the City. She took me to this street where we stopped for iced mocha before just walking and chatting. There was this group sitting outside a Cafe with bongo drums, sticks and maracas & were just jamming. Drink was flowing and they were just having a really good time. A group had gathered and people just joined in & started dancing. Proper class, i love it. We grabbed a drink at a Cafe close by to just sit and listen. Was a lovely night. Couldn't believe that i was here in Melbourne, spending time with Jess after such a long time.
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photo by: jendara