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My bag feels ligher. I feel stronger. Manic mosquitoes ruined my back in a 10minute period.Finished "The Beach". Completely drew me in. Said my goodbyes, seeing Stuart & Lara in Bangkok, Elliot in Darwin. Elliot sad again, tears in his eyes. Worried about being alone. Opposite for me. I'm good on my own. Slept on the ferry, a young girl giggling and running circles around the boat. Clouds and rain filling the sky on the day i leave. I feel cool about that. Such a breeze getting the ferry then the connecting bus to Bangkok.Travel has been so easy in Thailand.Nice looking girl in front of me on the bus, but i think she ain't straight either.What's going on? All i ever see are butch, short haired gay women who can handle their drink better than me but the last two days I see two stunners. Sitting on the bus, reading, eating my rice/wheat biscuity things from 7/11. My favourite snack. Thinking back to island. It seems that anywhere you go there is always some good, but you just gotta get off your ass and look, sometimes a little harder than others. Expect Aylesham. No good has ever seeped into Aylesham. Looking forward to hitting the less western areas. Weird bloke on the bus. Growing the hair on one side of his head. Don't understand that. It's like they are trying to look like a twat. Trying to test themselves, make a statement or something.

I liked this extract of The Beach. something like "When in Rome, do as the Romans. In the traveller's ten commandements, that's commandement number one. You don't march into Hindu temples and start saying, "Why are you worshipping a cow?" You look around, take on board, adjust, accept.' Assimilation.

divadownunder says:
love the quote, cheers!
Posted on: Oct 26, 2009
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