A Nutty New Years In Sydney.

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Figured i'll start the last day of 2009 late-so i'm fully awake when the partying is going on. Had brunch soley with my parents-to have a chat before there next-day departre. Man i was agitated through that chat, sitting indoors with the streets becoming dark with rain. I can't explain it, i start to figet and get restless, unable to concentrate & just wanting to get outside and run. The afternoon was spent chilling, chatting, playing cards and snacking while the sky began to clear. 90minutes before heading out to the city Gaby started to get prepared for the night. 90minutes later she was still deciding what dress best suited her & rushing from bathroom to mirror! I brushed up and was ready to go. Gaby was shouting, not feeling that she looked right. Man she/girls can make things difficult. We jumped on the bus to the city, Gaby had dropped her phone on the way out-Joe picked it up but didn't let her know of her mistake...just to twist the agitation a little deeper. I bumped some tunes on the ride in, mere seconds of music getting me geared up. Teenagers littered the streets, cheap drink already in hand walking in groups to their many vantage points for the nights fireworks. Some clever dudes had parked their car & strapped a two man sofa to the roof & an arm chair to the bonnet, giving them mint views above the heads of those standing. There was a sweet atmosphere about. That mutal feeling that tonight is going to be a good night. A chance for untainted happiness & celebration. Leaving behind parts of the past & looking towards the future. A kind of rich optimism. It's weird but cool how the coming of a new year seems to give people the thought of changing/bettering their selves & their lives. People might say oh i will start changing this aspect of my life when the new year comes, delaying the opportunity for positive change. If the thoughts there, act on it. A new day, a new way. Yeah. We had a sweet Indian dinner with likewise views of the harbour bridge & the city. The 9pm family fireworks were pretty wicked like, a red spray of colour appeared under the bridge and rockets boomed above the city, the sound echoing off the skyscrapers & hills. The array of colours reflected off the water while the created smoke drifted across the still water, covering the bobbing boats in the harbour. Me, Gobs & joe headed to the pub real quick & had a cheeky drink or two before setting off for our spot by the water, admist the chocka block spaces. Alcohol was restricted but ah that weren't bothering us, we had plenty of champagne along with G&T's. Anyways, we were friends with the police hey, having chatted to them earlier on in the evening. Man there was a buzz going about. A group of young dudes & lasses had cordoned off their own spot, our friendly police mate had informed us that they had set up camp the previous morning to secure the position. Mental. Blues point, one of the best spots i reckon, was chocka & closed off. To grab a spot there & at quite a few other nice regulated spots, you had to get there by 12pm & stay the day. Crazy stuff. Our way worked out pretty sweet. So we sat, had a few drinks and smoked a cigar while the last moments of 2009 ticked away. The mood attributes alot to the experience & the atmosphere was nice. The alcohol also had a contributing factor to the good feeling. So to be with family & friends, admist thousands of positive & jubilant like minded souls & being merry to say the least while welcoming in the New Year with arguably the finest firework display in the world over a gorgeous city - is pretty mint. I have never seen such a display. It was nutty. It's beauty lasted 12minutes before the millions of people erupted into a satisfied allaupse. Soon after people began to filter out. Me & Gobs waited on the roads side while the continuous stream of celebraters dispersed through the streets. A group of Aussie's where chilled out, drinking beers & asked to join them so we thought why not. Popped open a free beer, after realising that it is difficult if not impossible to drink the bottles contents without removing the cap. Yes i was drunk by now. Ah it was sweet as just watching the people pass by and chatting to these random Aussies we just met. They, like others have before, quickly picked up that i bear a resemblance to the main dude from the movie Rock-N-Rolla. We moved to their apartment later on, to continue the chilling & drinking with these cool people. The rest is a blur but i woke up very much in shock, finding myself in a bed fulling clothed with the brief not-knowing where i was, until the fuzzy recollections of the previous night flooded into my still intoxicated head.

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photo by: Sunflower300