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After an early morning bowl of cornflakes, i travelled as the lone passenger on the shuttle bus to Alice Spring's domestic airport. The driver was friendly and interested and so we chatted. His age is about 60 and his job as shuttle driver is temporary. Purely a short term job to raise money so that he can continue travelling with his wife around Australia in their camper-van. They travel, stop when funds are low, work a bit and then move on. Which i find absolutely quality. We both agreed that there are plenty of jobs around, the problem is that people are just plain lazy or overqualified. He has had no problem even as his age and said that if you aren't too picky you can rock up most places and have a job by the time the day's done. The airport was quiet and processing was quick. Only one plane is on the runways at any time. I read in an empty departure lounge, with the feeling that either i was the only passenger or something was a miss. Moments before boarding time all the other passengers seemed to arrive at exactly the same time as if this was the rule of something. The always smiling stewardess checked our tickets before letting us through the gate (it's a door) and i soaked up the last of the wonderfully dry heat before walking up the steps into the cool plane. Moments after belting up, the plane reversed out onto the runway and we smoothly took off, i hardly felt if leaving the ground. There was much empty space so i moved to a row with no other passengers and took the window seat. The sky was void of any whisper of white cloud and the contrasting colours of the deep red desert and expansive blue sky was quite stunning. The trees on the desert floor looked like scattered peppercorns and passing over Uluru's rock i was surprised at how small it looked from a distant in comparison to the rest of the desert. Yet another sight which made me feel incredibly tiny. The domestic airport in Perth was a stop for the normal bus service so at last i was able to avoid the expensive shuttle services and pay a mere $3.50 for the 30minute trip into the city. And to better that, Perth provides free bus services within the City and its near surroundings so i hopped on and arrived near Hayley's house without paying another dime. So all went swiftly until i came to the door. 45minutes to the door. Another hour to open it. It was stubborn, didn't want to open. I even asked for help, but to no avail. I took a rest and dozed before getting back it. Eventually it opened. Later the technique was revealed to me. Spent the afternoon washing my clothes and avoiding a possessed cat, eventually falling asleep on the sofa. I woke up in a daze to knocking. For moments i was disorientated, not knowing where i was. Hayley, Flynn and her friends must of thought i was on drugs or something. She introduced me to two of her friends, Tristin her obviously gay but friendly mate and Cammy, a real pretty girl who also seemed friendly. We went for waffles in Northbridge to cap off the day.
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photo by: cimtech