The Next Hostel & a Night Out.

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Woke Friday 12.00am & caught the taxi to our next hostel which you think wouldn't be to hard for a taxi driver but apprently it was. The Thai girl at reception spoke really good english and was a bit mental. We headed off to the Grand Palace & nearly fell for the same bullshit we believed the previous day. A Thai will say, "Palace closed, special Buddah day - we take you on tuk-tuk everything, very cheap" So we brushed two of these guys off, and got into the Palace, hired this funky baggy purple trousers to cover our legs & headed on in. The place really is mental. Crazy buildings, pitty I couldnt take a picture in some of the areas. As we left the rain came. Monsoon rain which was so heavy it was like in the movies where you step out for 5seconds & you are drenched. We decided to leg it out & find some cover but were already were soaked so jumped into an awaiting tuk-tuk. We drove for 20minutes through the flooded streets, it was amazing. In seconds we were sitting in water and the tuk-tuk had virtually turned into a boat. We got back to the hostel soaked so got changed with the Thai hostel Girl (called May) trying to see us undress. She particulary took a liking to Elliot. Her actions could be classed as unproffesional, but its Thailand so hey. She ordered some some real good food. The sticky rice was perfect, especially for me as I am hopeless with chopsticks. Some of the Thai's are so friendly, we had a random guy just turn & walk by our side for 5 minutes chatting to us before he headed off in the other direction. We met this ridicously friendly and laid-back couple from Antonio, Texas who must of been about 65. Also met this 19year old Londoner who was quality & had just arrived. It seemed his plan was drinking, partying & girls. Fair enough. Went for dinner with this dude from Cameron Islands. I chose the spicy pork with wasobi. Not the greatest choice. HOt hot. The Thai girls convinced us to go out with them to this street called RCA where all the locals went. It was a mental road filled with awesome clubs & bars. Suprised to find out we couldn't enter as we were under 20! But we went to this wikid bar with awesome live music from this band. Had a few rounds of drink which came to the total cost of our first two days in Bangkok. But it was worth it. Me & Elz had another drink for an hour while they went to a club. We then managed to slip in in the closing stages & the clubs are wikid, especially the bathrooms! Then hopped into a taxi...3 seats,7 people. Elliot went back to May (the Thai girl) place, the Londoner (Luke) went to bed with another Thai girl & me and Jimmy went to bed (3.30am) Amazing day. Nothing is set. We follow no pattern at the moment. Sleep, eat, drink, party..whatever whenever.
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photo by: rintjez