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I have a feeling that many of the next days in Australia will provide little for my blog. Seeing friends and family means that i have to rest my itchy feet and numb the urge of moving and exploration. It's fine by me though, i can't pass up the opportunity of seeing friends who i have last seen at the beginning of high school. I'm looking forward to this kind of mandatory relaxation, although this part is going to be more like a holiday than backpacking. My first morning in Perth was wonderfully lazy. I got stuck into my book before FINALLY watching Pulp Fiction which was just plain awesome. I then figured i would go see the City, so off i went slapped with sunscreen and my sunnies on. Walked through Northbridge and immediately noticed the City's clean and fresh feeling. It feels so new. The streets were filled with a variety of restaurants, bars and clubs. Even an adult club where $2 peepshows are offered. This is obviously the backpacking and party area. The sheer density of white faces shocked me but i was suprised by the number of Asians. I have said this already perhaps but the Australian local talent is just crazy. No disrespect to England but Australia owns it in that department. Perth is wonderfully windy, especially by the skyscrapers where a wind tunnel keeps pretty girls holding onto their dresses. Not the best choice of dress in this City. I carried on by foot to the river and sat by its edge. A path follows the river on its banks where the health conscious run, cycle, power-walk or do whatever they do to get their blood pumping. Whats cool about the City is that a lot of green is incorporated into the concrete. A little away from the city sitting on a hill is Kings Park which is just stunning. Hilly, filled with trees, plants and perfectly cut bouncy grass. Before getting there i had to climb up a set of mammoth steps which is used by many as a fitness piece, running up and down. Walking is hard enough. I spotted a girl sprinting up the steps and wondered why the hell she was doing that, but then i saw her body and got my answer. The position of the park also gave pretty spectacular views of the City and i spent a good hour just sitting and looking. Eventually i drew myself away and headed back into the City. The sun was dipping and the City had changed. It had softened. The streets were quieter and that evening atmosphere was about. I can't describe it and wonder why it is that when the evening arrives, things just turn nice. The low sun spilt streaks of sun across the streets and bounced light off the windows of high rise buildings. The hip kids were out, standing in groups doing nothing in particular but showing off their gear and crazy haircuts. I bought some groceries and walked happily through the City, listening to music and for some reason playing a game where i hold my breath until i see another hot girl. But it turned out to be pointless as i was basically just breathing normally. Made my self dinner and chilled out to a movie. Hayley and Flynn returned from work and we chatted. Such cool people. Flynn is so knowledgeable and made me feel seriously inferior on most topics we chatted about. He is reading middle eastern history and the Koran! How cool. (no sarcasm) Real friendly. Hayley is wicked and i can see why we got on so well 7 years ago when she visited England.
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photo by: cimtech