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Awoke before sunrise and hit the quiet streets. I bought some bananas and sat on the streets edge, waiting for the daily collection of alms from the Monks. Locals also site of the roads side with sticky rice, flowers, other foods and in some cases even money. The first string of monks passed, the bare-footed silence and rich orange robes in the early morning mist was quite beautiful. I walked through other streets and came across the main stretch where i was suddenly met with hoards of people. Tourists arrived by the van-full, through travel agencies who obviously carry out this trip each morning. They all congregated to this specific street as most of the locals set themselves up here and the line of monks is the longest. It was interesting to see that young street/poor kids walked along side some of the monks, themselves carrying bags and asking for food which the monks seemed to gladly give them. I retreated to the quieter streets to watch before heading back to bed and slipping into another vivid dream before awaking at 10am. After wondering along the main street for bread and coffee, we found some other accommodation as the Swedish guys wanted something a little better. I then bumped into the Aussie and his traveling mates from America and Germany. They were heading to the waterfall near-by, and i wanted to as well so we shared a tuktuk and headed 32km outside of the city to the falls. Being an Australian; the guy was happy, loud and liked his drink. He bought a bottle of wine and beer along with him. They were all wickedly friendly. The entrance fee was double for a foreigner (20,000k) and on the way to the falls we passed an enclosure with rescued sun bears. I bumped into the two Devon guys i met in Vang Vieng. Strangely the girl who i thought acted all loopy before because of the strong marujana infused garlic bread was exactly the same. The falls were so nice. The pictures i took shows this. The postcards i saw before looked edited and i couldn't believe they would be as good looking but it was better. The water was a beautiful blue and refreshingly cold. The water cassaded of a series of rocks providing deep pools for swiming.  The water flowed under a canopy of trees and a path ran alongside upslope towards the main fall through the forest. We climbed to the top of the main fall where the flow of water was suprising weak and you could stand on the waterfalls edge and peer down. Talking to travellers you always experience the (slightly annoying) thing of personal favourite destinations. You always get "oh you got to hit Borneo" or "don't do Peru or Boliva, head straight to Columbia". You want to go everywhere. I have travelled SE Asia so far (or part of it) but on the worlds map it is nothing. There is so much to see. I definitely have the travellers bug. It's the whole cliche thing of "So much to do/see, so little time". At least i am starting young and i am hugely glad that my parents took me and my sisters travelling often, and their brilliant viewpoint of experiences over material possesions. 
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Luang Prabang
photo by: oxangu2