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Biked to a restaurant on the beach. Elliot not too impressed after paying 80baht for a banana sandwich. Checked out our room and then went for another biking adventure down differnet jungle paths. Made it to viewpoint which gave us wicked view of the bay from quite a height. The weather was spectacular with the sky cloudless. We took our bikes back, Will was the first. The women who spoke barely any english pointed to the smallest of scratches on the side of the bike and briefly we thought she wanted us to pay but somehow she seemed to change her mind and said it was OK. Max had a noticeable gash on part of his engine which he was fretting over slightly because he was pretty sure she would pick up on it and to replace those parts the cost is high. But no she didn't seem to notice. However when it came to me, the most careful out of the three, she picked up on a thin scratch UNDERNEATH the bike and was adament we pay the 4000baht (80pounds) or she wouldn't give us our passports. Which i found out it apparently illegal to do. Max got angry and she couldn't understand much english so he entered the odd remark between sentences, "you don't check underneath the motorbike for scratches you complete twat/bitch" and so forth which was kinda funny as she had no clue. It was stupid because she just wanted our money. They wouldn't replace the part, there was no need. And the scratch was underneath! How can you prevent that from happening? It was just a load of bullshit once again. 2 hours of waiting for the owner who would just be "5 minu" (this was told to us at least 10 times)  the owner arrived. We needed our stuff because we were leaving that night but they wouldn't budge. I ended up dishing out 1000baht (20quid) and that was that. Suppose it's just apart of travelling. You learn and you move on. On the bright side, a gorgeous day. Had a swim as the sun beautifully seat, lazed about and had an amazing bbq dinner. Said goodbye to some more people and caught a lift to the pier where we boarded the night boat which was great fun. Stuart making us crease up with his stories. Two funny ones. One of how a chavvy family living on an estate near where he lived bought a dog. They didn't walk it once for the first four years of its life. They realised it had turned four so as a birthday "treat" they decided to take it on a walk. They managed to take it down the road and around the corner before it had a heart attack and died. Sad but funny all the same. The other how he managed to convince his friend who had to have a circumcision at the age of 16 due to some medical reason, that he could get it to grow back by eating many jammy dodgers, and he ended up being on two packs a day. Just before going to the pier we encountered two interesting fellows. Shaven heads, english and steaming drunk, one pondered into the 7/11. The other said "oi, mate what chuuu doing, i don't want no fucking rice...let's go get a pancake"....the other replied "pancake, oh yeah i could do with a fucking pancake" (or something along those lines) and off they went. Lovely.
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Koh Tao
photo by: RyanCorrea