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Went for a Thai cooking class today. The bloke took us to the local market and to all these stalls to show & explain to us all the different ingredients which are used in Thai cooking. It was really interesting but as I thought most of what he said has escaped me so I'll skip to the cooking. He bought a load of foods, spices etc while we wondered around the market, before taking us to the very clean and well equipped kitchen. We made 5 dishes and it was all suprisingly easy. I always thought it would be fairly difficult as the food tastes so good but it is insanely quick and no real trouble. The only bad part is trying to add your veg, meats and sauce to searing hot oil without it splattering and burning your skin. The food I made tasted real good but i managed to only eat a third of it all. The style of cooking is healthy, especially the soup where everything is simply cooked in the water. We bought a guitar for Sit, our tour leader, as he plays the guitar and talked about wanting a small one so that he can take it around with him on his travels. He loved it and me and elliot then said goodbye to everyone & jumped in a tuk-tuk to a guesthouse. 3.80 a night. Swimming pool & internet. Really friendly staff as we have experience mostly everywhere. Standard of hostels have been quality. Went for a swim & bought two tickets for the local Muay Thai/Thai Boxing fight. Wicked ride on the tuk-tuk at night through the streets and markets. Risked it and bought some fried chicken and sausages from a food stall by the stadium. 7 fights, starting with 6-8year old boys who are really physically fit which six-packs and incredibley toned muscles. Met Luke, the Londoner which was insane. He took a seat next to us in the stadium. So strange and wicked how you bump into people like that. The main fight was awesome, they really went for each other. The sound their legs make when the smack into each other is crazy. It ended with a knock-down. The one bloke was kicked hard and I'm not sure where it caught him but he collapsed and he was in too much pain to stand back up. The international vs thai fight was funny. A Canadian who was fighting his first fight was up against an overweight Thai boy. The Canadian was obviously nervous, sweating and his skin was a pasty pale. His attempt to act cool & jump over the ropes into the ring failed & he so nearly stacked it. The locals were respectful of course but you could see they were finding it funny. I would of had a go against him. His kicks and punches were so funny looking but he did manage to knee the boy in the stomach, find a way through the several inches of fat and cause him too much pain to continue. The Canadian was ecstatic, pumping his fists into the air and screaming into the night. His attempt to exit the ring was again rather lackluster and he so nearly once again made a bigger fool of himself. It was great though to see the locals going mental ring side betting their weekly wages away and becoming so engrossed in the events.
louietravels says:
Thanks! Some aren't all that descriptive like this entry but blogging actually takes up a lot of time! especially when trying to make it interesting but I'm glad you like it. Yes the fights were really great to watch and the cooking class was so worth it
Posted on: Oct 10, 2009
sylviandavid says:
Great blog... the fights are for keeps aren't they?... wow..... Loved your cooking class... sylvia
Posted on: Oct 07, 2009
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Chiang Mai
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